i love my country

Nothing compared to the advert I've seen at our universitys pinboard.

"Male searches dominant female to share my flat [in fany neighbourhood] with. Everything inclusive. Rent is 80 ?"
Wow, I find this hard to believe, but I guess anything's possible..... :shock:
I thought only guys are lazy.. this is a new milestone for dirtyness combined with lazyness..
Haha... Is there more funny stuff on that site? I'd say I do it just see the girl... She has to be nasty

Abishek2, most of the girls I knew at uni were more lazy at cleaning and thus more dirty than my male friends. In fact we had 5 girls living in the house next door to us, we were a house of 4 guys. When the uni house inspector came round she said our house was immaculate, especially when compared with the neighbours... :D
We're 2 guys in the house and 3 girls. All the mess and garbage comes from the ladies. :)

Me and the other guy are the ones cleaning kitchen, bathroom etc. Our rooms are well, not perfect, but quite ok for guy rooms. Whereas the girls... scared to go into their rooms. :D
^ So do you like to do your laundry or do you offer some special services to people who will do it instead of you? :lol:

Dirty joke I know, but come on, you could see it coming. :lol:
^ Yeah, saw it even before I replied :p
But to answer your question; I like to do laundry, I don't like to do the dishes so I have a dishwasher :D
I... live in Vancouver... :hump:

Renesis said:
THis ad rocks, I hope you replied! :lol:

i can only imagine the look on that woman's face when a girl enters to get the blowjob :lol:
:lol: I love Canada!
Lol, I love craigslist.

there are all sorts of vaugly disguised prostitution ads on there, pick your city and search personals, very funny.
A woman who is messy with her laundry MUST take time and effort with her looks. I would like to see what she looks like, sloppy if you ask me.

Also, why not sex, why a blowjob? Well that leaves me to believe that she is a fat pig, a plumper. And she boasts about giving a good blowjob which is common with fat chicks. Why? Because fat chicks love to eat.