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I need a new mouse!


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Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
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Well I have had that cheap Microsoft basic optical mouse since a few years but now it seems like it's acting up. Sometimes it disconnects for like 1 seconds, just like if it was losing signal, I hear the USB *beep* of Windows, then it's back. I tried with another USB port and it's still doing it...

I guess it's time for a new mouse? Or should I try something to fix it before?

I can't believe how fucking expensive they are, I don't want to pay more than $40 CAD before taxes for that!

So I could buy the same shit I had for $15 and I looked at others, but there's not many choices, I found the Logitech MX500 High Performance Mouse. It's $60 at one store, and $35 at the other! So I think it could be quite a deal since Logitech themselves list it as $40 USD!


Oh BTW, It needs to be corded, I don't want cordless stuff, anyway it wouldn't fit in my budget.

I think I had one logitech mouse before, it worked well, is anyone using that model? is it good?
I've read somewhere that it is a production flaw. The cable inside the cord is not designed right so it breaks and looses signal. Have you tried getting a replacement from MS ? They might give you one since it's a known issue.

If you're going to buy a new one get the Logitech. I'm using the previous model and it's really good.
Logitech MX1000. Atleast that's what I'd get. 8)

Wired: MX510 :)
They had no 510, I bought the MX500, at the Futureshop store it was listed at $59.99 I was like WTF! it's $34.99 on your website, he checked and it was really that price, so I was happy. :)


It works well
I got a MX 700 the week it came out... Great mouse!!!
Never go for soemthing else than Logitech in mice...

Great choice. I've got the MX700 (wireless) and ordered the MX510 for my laptop. I guess they are the best choice around.
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I have a wireless optical mouse thats shit...its too small for the palm of my hand... I'm trying to find a new one... I liked the Microsoft one I had before... maybe I'll just dig it up... my hands turn numb after 3hrs of Live for speed holding such a bloody small laptop mouse