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I need help about *Evolution*..


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May 29, 2004
I'm doing classes for Architecture, and I'm stuck.

I have to make a "folly", it's something useless built in for instance an old english garden (the parkgardens, which look like fairytails). It's for instance, a gate from stones, which never was completed, so it has no function (crucial for a folly).

I chose the theme Evolution, so now I have to show this theme in one or multiple forms, clay, paper, wood, whatever.

I can't think beyond this,

from geometrical -> let's say a tree. If you drop an alu box in the woods and it would evolve, it would become something like a tree or bushes.

But that's the only thing I can come up with...so my question.

Help me out!! It doesn't have to be realistic (can't be, you can't 'show' evolution), for instance, it would be acceptable for her (teacher) if I wanted to make a concrete block evolve into a camel and show that in one piece of clay. But it really has to show evolution..

All the help greatly appreciated! And I will send you some pics of my Beetle :thumbsup:
don't realy see how you can show evolution with just 1 item
No you can use several items/artpieces whatever you call them.

I'm doing an idea now with natural selection.

From snake to landreptile. Make loads of snakes and reptiles (ordered from snake, bigger snake, snake with signs of little feet, next snake has a head, body and tail etc etc. And I will make a line between all those snakes and reptiles with the biggest and strongest snakes and eventually reptiles.

Sounds confusing maybe..
Ok that was confusing, made a drawing of what I have now.


Excuse my paintskills. This whole picture will be on a large rock (20/30cm) and I will make reptiles from clay, this will look like fossils.

I will highlight one 'line' of animals, so that will show the Natural Selection fro Evolution.

At least I hope..
a kinda predictable answer if you ask on a car forum, but what better than to start with a wheel and end with a beetle ;)

have a "kruiwagen" (dunno in english), a bicycle, a bike, ... in between

you can send the pics to da_bone@mail.ru :mrgreen: (jk)
Hehe, yeah I thought of the beetle too, but that's not what I see as evolution. It is in a certain way, but Natural selection doesn't take place there. It's about taste mainly, effeciency too. But in nature it's about survival of the fittest, and I wanna show that part of evolution, like how Darwin ment it.

I'll just wait with the pics ;) :mrgreen:
Re: I need help about *Evolution*..

Jostyrostelli said:
I'm doing classes for Architecture, and I'm stuck.

What's your starting point? or... What do you have to evolve from?
It has to be Garden related?
No, I have no starting point. the startpoint could be a puddle of water, a block of iron, a leave, a feather, it could be really anything.

The endproduct just has to be a "Folly", and a folly can be found in parks or parkgardens, as art.

Examples: These pics show 'buidlings' which do not show anything like I have to, it's just about the idea of having to make something which doesn't have a function. Like art.



Just Use a Evo :lol: :lol: Show How It Evloved to its current form....
That's ok :) It's just that it's weird that I can use anything I like, that's the problem, I don't know how to let something 'evolve' into something else. A block of concrete into a tree would be too obvious.

I only have that thing which I posted a drawing of a few posts back, and I made it in clay now. That will be on a rock in the middle of a park, and those lizzards will be exagerated a little more and wil have to look like fossils.

It sucks to be stuck :thumbsdown:
"It sucks to be stuck" got me thinking it rhymes, rhymes got me thinkin', "Hey, a song!"
So I asked, can it be a song the evolves from a mere word or phrase? :)
Prolly not, but it's better than nothing :D
Cruzz: No it can't, has to be placable somewhere, like a statue. But thanks for the help though :)

Astro: How does that show evolution?
U did a pretty good beetle modle out of stone I remember.

Why not take a car model where there has been many models of, like a Golf or Corvette. And make models of eachversion through the years. Or is that a too short time lime?

Should we be thinking thousands, if not million years?
Dunno if this would work, but here it goes.
Take the snake->lizzards and make it one long "animal", starting with the tail of the snake and after x cm put some small bumps as legs after x cm again bigger bumps and so on untill you end up with the head of a lizzard. Did that make any sence :unsure:
Kip: Yeah I thought of that idea, but 100 years is not really evolution for me. I see evolution as what nature changes to make life more efficient, like we got bigger brains and less muscles compared to the humans 7000 years ago. Tha'ts evolution to me.

I'm really starting to go more to 'real' examples such as the lizzards, I think letting abstract things evolve is too complicated and not really explainable too.

Mqk: That's actually a superb idea, I never thought of that!!
I'm gonna make that, I already have the other object with snake and lizzard, but I will make this too, and show it to the teacher. That really helped, thanks! :thumbsup:

More suggestions still appreciated :)
Yay :D Glad to help, I'm usually rubbish when it comes to stuff like this
Kip_6666 said:
U did a pretty good beetle modle out of stone I remember.

Why not take a car model where there has been many models of, like a Golf or Corvette. And make models of eachversion through the years. Or is that a too short time lime?

Should we be thinking thousands, if not million years?

Thats What I Ment With THe Evo......