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I need help finding a good Digital Video Camera


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May 29, 2004
The Rally Season has begun and I am tired of renting those cameras for +50euros per weekend. I could easily buy one instead of renting them.

I have searched for some Canon, sony and Panasonic but their productrange is so wide that I can't really make my way in there and see which one suits me.

I went to a few shops but they only had a few in store and they recommended expensive ones and I don't trust them at all.

I can't really afford to buy an expensive one (schoolbooks :( ) so I need something below 300 euros/390 USD.

I use it to record Rallys, I don't really what I should say I prefer, I need good sound, I wanna burn it on DVD, it shouldn't use lots of batteries. I wanna film for at least one hour (just one tape) and that's kinda it...

Any recommendations?
I'm not into video cameras at all, but I would be amazed if you can get anything decent at all for that little money. Aren't cameras usually in the 700-1200? price range ?
Well I've seen a few around 300, but I don't know if they're any good...but IMO 300 euros is alot of money, 700 is definetly too much.
Of course it is a lot of money. And again I'm no expert on this. In fact I have never even used a video camera, but I guess that it is one of the products where you need to spend a little more. You surely could buy one for 300? but I think that the quality will be so miserable that you'll hate yourself for not waiting a little longer to safe for a decent one.
^Yeah thought about that too, but also in my mind: does Canon, Sony or Panasonic make bad videocameras? The brands all stand for quality, with my experience with all of them.
no actually the quality is quite good, belive it or not. My Canaon S1 IS takes really good videos (640 x 480 at 30 fps) for a $320 digital camera. The link I posted above would give you even better quality for sure since mine is just a digi cam, but it's designed to take good videos.
^I can only find a Canon Powershot S1, no digital videocamera.

Is it new?

[Edit: Okey, but a Powershot only takes short clips. I need DVD quality :) ]
Canon's product branding is the devil's work. They use different Names for their products in Europe. It drove me mad when I read tests to decide which camera to buy. :thumbsdown:

Edit: This one seems similar

It's called the Canon MV700 miniDV Camcorder and it costs 309? on amazon.
You should be able to find it for 20? less somewhere else.
Jostyrostelli said:
^I can only find a Canon Powershot S1, no digital videocamera.

Is it new?

[Edit: Okey, but a Powershot only takes short clips. I need DVD quality :) ]

Follow the link I posted above:

I was saying that my camera is the S1 and it produces good videos, and compared to mine, this one is much better.


Here's the the ZR300 at canon.com:

It has a nice stabalizer too :)
yeah, the one I posted (ZR300) looks to be the equivalent of the MV850i with 22x optical zoom. The pic you posted only has 18x
Do you want to have a good laugh ? The camera costs 735 $ in Germany. I don't think that it will be much bether in the Netherlands either. He should go with the model I've posted.
that sucks, the quivalent camera is about $370 here in the US. Wonder why the price is so different?
'Want a freefall cameraman's point of view on it ?

Go with Sony ! Get a MiniDV camera.
Any of the PC series (PC-101, -103, -105, -109, -110 and the likes).
Or if you can find a PC-1, PC-3 or a PC-9 with the aluminium case.

They are all good.
Reliable, tough, small ( fist size ), metal frame if in a plastic exterior, will handle high winds without problems ( maybe not a concern for you but me ... ;) ), transfer to computer easy with firewire, editing software easy to find and use, accessories exist ( directionnal mic in your case ), batteries last a long time too.

Look up EBay for it and be patient, that's how I found mine. :)

Might be a little more than you are planning to invest now but you won't regret going for quality.

Mine looks exactly like that.

Touch screen, remote, plenty of features. I love it. :)
Looks nice, how much was it?
I think it's a bit out of his price range, but it's got to be a great camera. I'd like to see some samples :)
jeffy777 said:
I think it's a bit out of his price range, but it's got to be a great camera. I'd like to see some samples :)
Well ... Ok.

No vids just yet although if their is interest I could hook up something via yousendit.

For now, screencaps will have to do.
Winter jump earlier this month.
some of the edges are a little blurry, that's because of cam movement and/or use of a very wide angle lens ( 0.3 to be precise ).
All the pics in that post under my nickame are from my video of my jump that day and of the other activities that afternoon.