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i need some help!?!


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Feb 2, 2004
San Diego
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My father has giving me the job of selling his 1987 Mercedes 300TE wagon wheels(set of 4).

At the dealership the 4 would go for $780 each so a total of $3120.

My father has told me that all is up to me and i will get 25% of what ever they are sold for.

Any ideas on what i should do to get the most money.

auto trader
swap meet

anything else

Also can anyone tell me what other cars these wheels where on.
Or point me in a direction.
Best bet is to go to a Mercedes message board and see if anyone's interested. There's bound to be someone willing to pay top dollar for them.
unless the wheels are made out of a special material, i would say the rims are more expensive. the wheel looks pretty much like it's pressed in shape, which costs a bargain compared to cutting it from a solid block like a rim
I always understood it this way:
rim = the center bit
wheel = rim + tire