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i need some opinions

i need some opinions

  • get another car and keep the 240 as my daily

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  • do a full engine build on the 240 and boost 18ish psi

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  • buy a beater and turbo the 240 with a full build up down the road

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Dec 1, 2004
ohio, usa
s13 and a beater daily
ill have a bunch of money saved up and im trying to decide what to do...

another car would be something cheapish but fun like a 1g dsm awd only, aw11, s13, or miata
If you absolutely love your 240SX, I'd keep that and buy a daily beater. I was going through the same dilema as you when I had my 240SX. When doing modifications to a car, you'll get a LOT of downtime. Somethings may not work out as planned and you'd be waiting for parts or just troubleshooting electrical problems.

You can get another 240SX (S13) or a Miata MX-5 for a "beater." Try to find one for $1000.

If you're having second thoughts on the 240SX, I'd still keep it but buy a replacement that has much more potential. Once you start driving the 240SX very hard on the track, you begin to see a lot of its weaknesses. I personally couldn't live with those weaknesses so out it went! I went for the 240Z which is about 500lbs lighter and has 2 extra cylinders--that all adds up to a higher performance potential!

With a plain engine swap from a 280ZX Turbo, I can run low 14's and even hit high 13's . . . on the stock L28ET engine! A little bit of work and it'll run 12's all day long! I'm not into drag racing but those are the figures people claim to run with a 240Z.
yea but with 18 psi ishould be 12s maybe 11s on my shitty auto. i am really split between the three. i really think ill get a sohc beater and turbo my s14. bc im not into dailys im into having fun