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I saw David Copperfield friday


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Mar 19, 2005
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I was in copenhagen this weekend to se David Copperfield friday.
It was really great, some of it I had seen on tv but it was still amazing, he appeared out of nowhere on a motorcycle in the beginning and made a lot of really cool things that made me go :shock:
You weren't allowed to take pics :( so I haven't got any, but it was still a great show :thumbsup:
Has anybody else seen him live?
One of my friends has seen him several years back, when he (DC) was in Budapest. He was really amazed by the stuff in the show. I regret I didn't go... :(
tasteless joke alert :yucky:
cvg said:
He did Magic.
that was awesome :lmao: :thumbsup: made me laugh for like 5 min