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I Spy Finalgear style?


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Jun 7, 2004
Ottawa, Canada
Inspired by the I saw thread I had an idea. Has anyone ever seen the little I Spy books you used to be able to get? You ticked off things when you saw them and tried to complete the book? Maybe we can set up a Finalgear I Spy list for members to complete, obviously requiring pictorial evidence. Would be quite good fun I'd think! Dunno whether or not to ban dealerships though!

We could have some sort of reward for completeing the list first, a custom title or something (Viper? Ren?) and maybe various difficulty lists for those of us not fortunate to live in london/vancover etc!

Interested? Suggestions?
Good idea, but you'd need different cars / points for UK, Europe and the US...

could be fun though!
Sound good , i have loads of those book including the Classic Cars one. I like the idea of the difficulty list idea becasue scottish exotic car hunting is pretty poor
Didn't think about the problem of different cars in america, shouldn't be too hard to keep to cars that appear in all markets.

We'll have to start thinking of contenders too, as my knowladge of what cars are out everywhere is quite limited these will all have to be checked. Maybe we could sort it by brands, would that make it easier to keep it fair?
Sounds interesting. If you need help with the North American market, I can always help come up with a list. Probably the best way to think of things is to divide up what countries manufacturers are from, and see what countries they sell to. Or visit manufacturers' world sites and click on different countries to see how their models vary.
I'm thinking having a few (3?) lists, each with different "difficulties" of spots, and the target should be about 70% of each list, which should be possible in every country. Will have to get thinking of cars now :D
teeb said:
Good idea, but you'd need different cars / points for UK, Europe and the US...

could be fun though!
most european exotics can be found in any country.

around 70% per list is a good idea.
(i'd say 75...1/4...)


super-difficult super-car list:
mercedes slr
carrera gt
enzo ferrari
ford gt
phantom roller
pagani (too rare?)
bugatti veyron (again?)

exotic list:
ferrari 360
ferrari 430
ferrari 355
ferrari 612
ferrari 575
porsche 911 turbo
porsche cayenne turbo
porsche gt3 or gt2
bmw m5
bmw m6
bmw m3
mitsubishi lancerevo
subaru wrx
bentley continental
porsche gaymen
aston martin db9
aston martin vanquish
aston martin db8
lotus elise
lotus esprit v8
cl 65
sl 55 (or 65..)
e 55
s 55
audi rs4
audi rs6
audi q7

models with suffixes like "-s" (porsche turbo, aston vanquish) or porsche gt3 "-rs" or m3 "-csl" should also count, as well as convertible versions.
How about a quite usual car with rare equipment list (Thinking of a white 7 Series, red Lancia Lybra or Renault Megane Sedan over here, there might be other similary rare cars in other countries) - just a suggestion anyway!
nice idea. that could go in the third list.
XYZviper said:
I think its enough to say just: Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lambo etc... without any specific models, becauso all of them are rare and exotic. :)

Realy nice idea overall :) :thumbsup:
than we would have about 10 manufacturers and some people would see one car of each of them within a week or two...
Yea, I thought about the brand list but there's a lot of stuff like say porsche where people will see a boxter every day bit a 911 turbo would be a pretty good spot.

I like those lists, good start. The Zonday and veyron can go in an impossibly hard list of their own :D

I reckon on list below again with stuff like Evos, Golf GTIs, 205 GTIs etc. Stuff hat you can spot easilly and will coax people into the game. I'll try and set up some lists when I next get a chance, probably sunday if I get wor kdone on time, unless anyone else volunteers :D.

Once In A Lifetime List:
Veyron etc.

Hyper Car List
SLR, GT etc.

Super Car List
430s, Turbos, Ms, RSs etc.

Nice Car List
GTIs etc.

Target can be 75% of each list, we'll need to check this is possible in most countries.

Sound good?

Viper/Ren, any input on possible rewards?
Vintage Car list sounds good, though my knowladge is too limited so someone else will have to set that list!
Whatever you do, don't let mautzel and fluffnik near the vintage car list. :p
Labcoatguy said:
Whatever you do, don't let mautzel and fluffnik near the vintage car list. :p

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :(

(Don't have to mention that I'm most keen on such a list as well, although chances to spot classics are better anywhere than in Germany)

I'll work out a weird car list as proposed by me above - how much cars shall go on each list by the way (would propose 7 - 10)