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I want a picture as my signature...but don't know how...


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May 29, 2004
I couldn't find it anywhere else on the forum..how do I do this..I tried just to paste the link of my picture..but that doesn't work...
you need to use the IMG tags

wihout spaces obviously
Upload the image to a place like www.imageshack.** and then use the
Yeah, plz upload your signature elsewhere!

It keeps asking me for a Microsoft Net. password everytime there is a post by you within a thread. That gets kinda annoying... :?

Wow, that is annoying. Deleting his sig - sorry dude, host it elsewhere.
I just select it (windows XP) and make it available online, then you get a Group or something...it's not alot but enough for a couple pics...

OliB...what do you mean? I didn't upload the image on imageshack.**...
don't do that... upload it somewhere like image shack and it won't do that. If it's small you could email it to me and I'll upload it somewhere for you
You did it again! :?
Oh haha, I wasn't fully awake I guess...i'm sorry, i'll try something different.

[edit] Hope this is better.