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I want to master the Nurburgring - in VR!


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Mar 21, 2004
Virtual Reality - Using any open source graphics engine or the NFSU engine rather, create a identical scaled down version of the Nurburgring as accurate as possible. I don't think any PC games have the nurburgring in it. Play around with the map for a few months till I know it by hard, and when I study abroad next time, I'll rent a porsche 911 turbo over the weekend and do a lap time of 6:55seconds :D:D:D:D:D:D
hehe that easy? :)
Better yet, get urself a ps2, gran turismo 3 (or 4 when it's out soon), a steering wheel with pedals and lap the ring in the most accurate vr ever created, I've heard tales about racing instructors using gran turismo for teaching novice drivers, and how their times in the game are really close to those they do in the game (like 3 or 4 seconds close)
I wish I could get one of those :cry:
I rather wait for a job opportunity to get transfered or move to Germany and visit the track every week :D
hehe Don't count on that, do you even speak german?
I may get a job in Poland soon though, it has borders with Germany so I guess if it ever goes well I'd visit the ring every weekend :D:D
Project Gotham Racing 2 has the Ring in it, I tink. But it's for XBox. GT3 doesn't have the Ring. Does GT4?
Re: I want to master the Nurburgring - in VR!

zyran said:
I don't think any PC games have the nurburgring in it.

Well, now you are wrong. There are quite a few game that has got Nordschleife as said in another thread. For example there is a version for GPL and one for F1 Challenge with all the mods. I heard someone say that it could be found for the free game Racer and also the f1c track has been converted to the brand new game GTR. So there are quite a few games to run it in. And they are good models too. But sure, the world could always use another N?rburgring for pc!
Yeah that's a dutch game, played it a few years ago, designproces is very slowly..but I had fun for months!

Try the BMW 3-Series DTM version
I would but unfortunatly the pedals of my Logitech Driving Force PRo (that's the new 900 degrees steering wheel) decided to bug out. More specifically, the accelerator just ... accelerates randomly. Brake pedal works fine but the throttle likes to be a bitch. Good thing it's still under warrant.y Besides that, the wheel and pedals are amazing! :D
Get F1 Challenge 99-2002 or get GTR (only german version out now, so that or wait till english version comes out)
Get the track :wink:

It's not the most acurate, but it's still very good :)
zyran said:
Are there Steering Wheels without power steering? :lol:

yes there are, or at least they're making one! the faster you go, the harder it would be to turn the steeringwheel,
The Logitech Driving Force Pro GT steering wheel (the new 900 degree turning one) can also be used for the PC. Works perfectly fine.