Icetrack meet 2018, Laughing all the way to the snowbank

And so the collective effort to provide documentation of all carnage begins. :D

Surprisingly as the organizer I didn't have much time for pictures, but at least I got some droning footage from the first day (forgot the controller to the cabin on second day). :cry::bangin:

But anyway, since we had an airfield, some drag races needed to be had. First the UK beaters challenge.

Then, people with good (but very rarely great) winter tyres. And as a defense to the right flank, the most silent car horn ever was used to set that group off.. Apologies for my great camera work. Basically the first time trying to record anything with the drone.

And then, all together!! Awd cars were told to hold back, but larswey didn't get the memo. :lol:

Most of the of the photos that follow will look a bit more destructive, I feel. :mrgreen:
All of the pics and videos that i took:

Here's some highlights:

The summary video:

Meeting up on wednesday evening with MXM, Galantti, Mikas, Posambique, DanRom, BroTan and me.

Dexter waiting for action.

We upgraded the Sierra's multimedia system

Fairlady and DanRom enjoying the drifting around the improvised racetrack around the cottage

Posmo and Lastsoul in the sierra, Larswey in the back providing support and looking cool

Super Late is back in action!

Posmo jumping straight from the sauna into the C-class and doing a few laps around the improvised racetrack....

... and setting it on fire.

Pineapple on pizza

Lucille arrives

Karlos and Lucille

Size comparison. The 240 looks tiny next to Lucille

Adrian preparing to have a go in the E-Class

The E-Class in its natural state. In the bank.

Drifting in the tesla is very fun with Adrian at the helm.

Meeting up with Sifu on the way back
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Underway to Berlin!

I figured I would try out some hypermiling behind a truck, 3.9L/100km was one of the higher results, I managed late 2. something sitting about 1 meter off the trucks bumper. Obviously no picture and I was just glancing at the economy figures because it's not really a nice thing to do for me or the truck driver :)

Antti tapping a beer:

Antti describing the one that got away:

Lucille get's a wash:

And then a fan ziptied to the radiator for that cooling feeling:

140 is parked in Lucille's park while we are gone:


Somewhere in Poland:

An encounter with a speed bump/crossing in Lithuania made a slight hole in the fuel tank:

Some calls to the ADAC and a tow truck was arranged to a place in the local town at 4:30am or so

We had to wait a while for the place to open to assess the damage and figure out if we can continue:

Luckily we could continue after the applied an epoxy fix, during the following several hours drive we hit a bump in the road and scraped heavily - DrGrip's first reaction was dismay! Luckily nothing happened as the awesome mechanics in Lithuania had made a bracket to protect the tank!

We made it to the ferry! Those lights are Finland!!!


Fuck yeah!

In the morning we found some glasses lying in some snow, they were dropped by Karl, luckily nobody stole them!

First top to a self service garage to try and raise the level of the fuel pump protection/sound deadening:

The fuel pump housing was re-shaped and then covered with a plastic bag to protect it from becoming full with crap from the road - Note the betal bracket just behind to protect the fuel tank from another impact:

It sits much higher afterwards, further away from the road, which is a good thing!

Now having a look at the sticky throttle cable, WD40 was applied and it fixed the problem for a while until more WD40 was reqired :)

Both Antti and I can attest that Lucille is an awesome mobile office in the back!

Nearly there, time for beer!

A Tesla is found:

It was a titilating experience!

Quite a nice lineup! :-D

The first casualty:

I barely took and photos or videos during both days - It was such an awesome time that I really didn't need to! Seriously, fantastic!!!

Have a Mikko, Galantti and Dave:

Time to head home, we met up with Adrian, Liga and Lars-Erik at a supermarket somewhere in the middle of nowhere, perfect parking right there!

Randomly found a pair of gigantic cheese slicers in Sweden!

Conditions were difficult for a long time:

But eventually we got to Stockholm where we had McDonalds:

In Jönköping in Sweden we stopped to investigate a knocking sound and a vibration above 130, also we grabbed some Max Burger for lunch:

Turns out a U-Joint is fucked, so no more kickdowns or full throttle launches for us :( Also we must keep the speed to a max of 120

Made it to Trelleborg, time for some McDonalds - After this box is completed I had completed 105 Chicken Mc Nuggets over the whole trip... That is quite a lot!

Germany! Sun!

For the last Beni and I traveled to Kassel in the center of Germany where I dropped him off so he could continue his train journey from there.

This was such an awesome experince guys! And who would think that I nearly missed out on it, I am so glad I came!

I cannot wait for next year!!!
Here is my pictures:
arrival on thursday evening:

The group-pic (like everyone else)

some pictures of the snowmobiling:

Galantti the michelin man!

first group ready:

Midwaypoint break view:

and here is some panoramas of the cabin:

loong hallway:

and for the videos:


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Just a few random pictures I took, nothing fancy:

Galantti starting the banger race

Following Lucille in the DX

Larswey and the Volvo on duty

The Lexus on the long drive south

A bit more timeline following recap than just my few videos.

As is usual for my Finalgear meet trips, I'm starting from a week before the meet. Eye-Q and I were heading even further north for some skiing/snowboarding before the track meet itself. He was being more sensible and flying to within 20km of the Levi resort, while I had a modest 12 hour drive ahead of me. I was planning on stopping in Sweden on the way as well, for some special needs shopping, but I would've needed to set off around 2300 to do that small detour. However, this was the situation around that time.

Exhaust mounts needed the fine tune hammer treatment, as the muffler was making an irritating knock against the body. After that quick tune I got another kind of knock of exhaust mounts hitting each other, but whatever.. :D
My views for most of the journey. Darkness and truck lights in the distance. Also it was nice and slippery for about 300km near Jyväskylä, when 58hp was enough to break traction at 80-100kph if I wanted to (and did occasionally, to pass the time). :D

First fuel stop, and even from the shaky cam picture it's visible that temperature had dropped on the way. Started at -5C or something, I think it was -16 there.

Google maps does Sygic specials as well, as I found out.

Spottings on the way

Not too surpisingly, my grand tourer likes to use a fair amount of oil in this kind of use. Really short gearing and 4 speed gearbox, combined with oil too thin for the engine, as it's better for winter use otherwise. But made it to the airport later than planned, only issue on the way being bonnet latch failing less than 200km before getting there. Temperature was still around -16C and I was late already, so didn't feel like troubleshooting on the side of the road, so I just secured the latch with a cargo strap. :D

Two car you probably don't see all that often on ski resort car parks.

Got the rental gear and tickets sorted just in time to make it up the hill to witness the sunset (around 15.30).

The low sun and occasional fog made the scenery even more scenic the next day as well.

After that things got more snowy, and even colder

DX accumulated some snow, as we were close enough to the resort to walk everywhere.

The strapon

We had a relaxing 400km drive to the cabin that would serve as our meet base. It was still snowing and especially trucks make you aware that there's something light scattered on to the road.

After a small side step from the route I got to finish the drive with a nice special stage.

"old pike perch"

On to Friday then. Some snowmobile fun for part of the group. Heading to the site onboard new Galanttimobile.

Sunrise, before the greyness of the weekend set in

Morning group, eager to set off.

Everyone (including me) were first timers with these toys, but being the kind of idiot I am I soon got hold of things enough to be bored by the pace of the group. So I started taking photos and doing small stops, to have some space to pick up speed occasionally. :D

Helping with unditching, literally in the last corner before our break spot.

Rather scenic one at that, as well.

Before the return run I learned that there was a more powerful sled hiding in the pack, so I stole that one and hence had other things than a camera to play with. Our guide was correct, an 800cc Lynx will "wheelie" (trackie..?) from standstill with just throttle use. :D

Next group (Brits + Adrian) and random MXM posing for a different camera :p

After the second group were on their way, all of them, it was off to the nearby slopes with MXM. After a decade of snowboarding around the Alps, I got bored of the local variety really fast. But good, compact selection for learners and the scenery was nice.

Especially when you go in to explore it more closely. :)

As seems to be the case for most people, picture footage for the night stops here as there were many other things to enjoy. Like a bit of mashed potatoes and reindeer for dinner.

And that theme continues throughout Saturday as well. Apart from drone footage of our drag races at the airfield, right next to our cabin, I can offer you pictures of one UK team cheating (swapping actual winter tyres on).

And a bit of fine tuning for Sierra lighting setup

Setting directions for food serving

One moose, arriving to the table, chef too busy to check emails.

Onwards to Sunday morning-ish and the 50km transfer to our Sunday track, OuluZone. But of course many fuels were needed before setting off.

The high tech DX, leading the pack

On to the track. Taxi Omega entering a snowbank, backwards. Police Omega entering the pits, backwards.

And for the Sunday dinner, we dropped by in Oulu, to enjoy some Kauppuri 5 burgers. Some (me) had a bit more to enjoy.

Some were compensating with the size of transport..

Like it has been with Ringmeets, a large portion of the group stayed behind, while others set towards home on Sunday, or early Monday morning. And after cleaning the cabin, having a sizeable lunch in Oulu and dropping Eye-Q off to the Oulu airport, the last 4 cars (two being mine) set off back south.

Good size/price ratio lunch, just the thing you need before a long drive. :p

Clearer weather for once, only for me to miss the sunset due to the sandblasted windscreen of the DX.

The Brit-E-Merc was heading to my place, to wait for the UK system to process it's paperwork, and apart from Mitsu reminding how slippery its tyres can be, once again near Jyväskylä, not much happened on the way.

I got many many thanks of the organizing, so I guess things went as well as people hoped. I'm glad we got enough people to make this happen. And thanks to public for the work in the kitchen, so I didn't have to do everything on my own.. :D I hope we get enough people to do the same set next year as well. Or if not, there's always Joes mouth.. :p
Looks like it was a great weekend, brilliant selection of fine automobiles too. I have my mind set on next year, hopefully I can get to join something that's equally as awesome. :)
Matt2000;n3545469 said:
Looks like it was a great weekend, brilliant selection of fine automobiles too. I have my mind set on next year, hopefully I can get to join something that's equally as awesome. :)
so 250£ car or 41k audi :roll: