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Ich bin Schnappi!


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May 29, 2004
Its a shame that something like this is number one in the german single charts. A local radio station here in Detroit made fun of it last week 8) . HOW can something like this be number 1????? :shock:
It's official we're mentaly degenerated. Please drop a nuke, thanks !
FliPP said:
HOW can something like this be number 1????? :shock:

You don't need to sell that much singles to reach top 100 nowadays. Ronan Keating sold 280 records and entered the charts at 98.
The song is in my head now... :lol: Forever.

Ich bin Schnappi das kleine Krokodil, kom aus Egyptien lalalalalalalalalalala.
Kip_6666 said:
How cute is this

I bet theres a techno or hardhouse version somewhere :)

There is, I'm trying to get my hands on it right now..
That's what's going to happen If you listen to this song. It will destroy your brain :roll: