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ICQ 6 = ICQ- ComPad ?


ICQ Maniac
Jun 5, 2005
Orenburg, RU
I suppose ICQ 6 will never be created and released.
Today ICQ Inc. released a new software called ICQ- ComPad.
Maybe some people in AOL plan ICQ- ComPad to be ?the ICQ client of the future?.

The statement there briefly states:
?ICQ ComPad?s main goal is to provide an answer to the needs of users who simply wish to communicate.
You can send instant messages to Email users, as well as ComPad, ICQ, AIM and AOL users.?

User from countries having the following phone codes are blocked from registering accounts for the alpha version of ICQ- ComPad:
?972′;?379′;?39′;?49′;?7′; ?852′; ?359′; ?380′; ?47′; ?90′;?42′;?46′;?441′; ?442′;?44′; ?1′; ?31′; ?43′; ?107′; ?61′; ?32′; ?45′.
So, you may just use proxies in order to register accounts.
Registering a compad account automatically registers a corresponding uin.
ICQ- ComPad uses MD5 login method.
Download ICQ-ComPad:


For register use China proxies ;) Enjoy :)
I'd like to know too :)
Well, I guess the Internet in our Thrid World countries isn't liberal enough ;-)
jensked said:
I don't know all those numbers, but I can see several of the West European countries. And 1 must be Canada or the Ustated Nights of Ameurika.

I believe it's both, since I can place phone calls to Canada the same way I place calls in the US.
jensked said:
Why are the users from those countries blocked?
It's only for test period. But I don't know why exactly this countries.