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i'd run him over and say self defense


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Jan 5, 2004
Is that from the "Bum Fights" videos?

Man that dude was on some hard crack right there ... man ...

I would run him over and back up and run him over again and back up and do a burnout and back up and do some donuts on his face...the fucker
wow, what a fuckin crack head crazy mo-fo.

i looked it over and over and its def real. he was screaming "LA crips nigga" which means hes part of the Crips gang or a crazy mo-fo from Las Vegas. you can see souvenir shops in the backgraound that says, Las Vegas.
I only understood like 5-10% of what he was saying... :|
erm thats one problem child there, I would have just run him over and said the world was a better place for for it- public service I think, some people in this world were designed/bred for live ammo testing. it's that simple.


thinking about it I don't think I would be driving that POS though :)
thinking about it I don't think I would be driving that POS though

:idea: :shock: thats why he was raving made, if you saw some fool in a PT Cruiser you'd beat it up too all along hollering, "LA Crips bitch nigga"! :wink: