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Mar 29, 2004
Dallas, Texas
Viper, have you ever thought of making the downloads a privledge of only those registered?


Have those that are registered be the only ones able to download through HTTP?

Just an idea,
Nope and I can't have HTTP downloads, so nope.

This isn't Jabba's World.
we tried http d/ls and they were great but this site runs on torrents and the generosity of members to share.

we just like to share here, thats what makes it great in my opinion.

OHH, and VUK's top quality rips!! :mrgreen:
Http d/ls require way too much bandwidth, so they're out. And don't suggest donations either, 'cause that's also a "been there, done that, not gonna happen again." Torrents have worked quite well here, so Viper's sticking with them.
Ok, well I wasn't trying to make it like Jabba's world, which I can tell ya'll hate, although I've never been there before.

That seems like it would just make it easier for most of us.

I'm not saying sharing's a bad idea, just that it seems it would be easier, ya know?
What would be the point to making people register? I don't see one.

And if you suggest that people have to post on the forums a few times before they could download, all that means is that this forum would be spamtastic.
Yeah I hate forums like that... you must have X posts before downloading..

FUCK! comon :roll: