Ideas Needed - Top Gear Forza 3 Livery.


Dec 13, 2007
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For most people in this section of the forums, chances are that you're familiar with Forza 3 and it's livery editor.

If you're not one of those people, there's this game called Forza 3 and it lets you paint stuff on cars.

Anyway, it seemed about time someone made a Top Gear car...

Below is my current progress along with the reference pictures used.

Clarkson - 90% Done



May - Not started


Hammond - Also not started

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Jeremy with a long face :D from the episode in season 13 where they drive small crappy cars..

I think its time for a own forza 3 sub-forum ?
What about one of the Stig itself? There's numerous pics out there and one i thought of in particular with his arms crossed which i think could be put to good use.
Could also add a catchphrase to each one... Clarkson's "Power!" Hammonds "Thats not gone well!" and May's legendary "oh cock"

also i found out the other day that Forza in italian is Power (although i also heard it was force, strength...) which seems very apt for Clarkson.
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Could also add a catchphrase to each one... Clarkson's "Power!" Hammonds "Thats not gone well!" and May's legendary "oh cock"


If Jezza's face doesn't hog all the layers on the top I'll put the Stig on the roof too.

And Smurfen, is this the shot you're thinking of?

(Stolen from the screencaps thread)
Update time.

I decided to go base the design around a single episode, and after going through quite a few screen caps, narrowed it down to the Vietnam trip, simply because there was that much epic in it, it was impossible to ignore :p.

I've started one of the images, about 1/3 of the way through, I'll post a progress shot up once it's presentable.

By the way, the first post will be updated with the reference pics to be used, ended up sticking with colour in the end.
Top Gear Forza 3 Livery - In progress

Top Gear Forza 3 Livery - In progress

Finally, an update!

Jezza's just about done, just needs some details added to the sunglasses, a background and some general tidying up, then it's 1 down, 2 to go.


Also, if someone could move this to the Forza Motorsport section of the forums it would be appreciated.

By the way, does anyone know why the thread title isn't changing properly?
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they did but this thread was made before the Forza Sub Forum was brought into existence. all thats needed is one of the powers that be to use their holy divine powers and move it to the new sub-forum.

Oh, didn't look at the time stamp on the first post. Just assumed it was new because I haven't seen it on this thread list ever.
I finished off Clarkson today. Decided to ditch the background from the picture since it turned out pretty ugly in the game.

As well as this, I've put the vinyl group up on my Storefront since I can't see the final design with all three presenters being done in a hurry.

I'm rather chuffed with how it came out :-D