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Identify this car.

I'd like to know too, we were trying to figure it out it the IRC channel :?

hmm ... there are plenty of small supercar makers in US and Euro.
Perhaps it's a product from one such small companies?

Not sure.
the car is gmg apollo, german small manifacturer, motor was done by mtm.
i was gonna suggest for osomeone to zoom on to the badge if we didnt work it out but someone already had :thumbsup:
Overheat said:
What is this Gumball rally thing all about btw?

Think "Canonball Run" , the movie ... in real life.... kinda, sorta ... sometimes.
Overheat said:
Is it like Rat Race?
they start at a certain starting point, and stop at several points to sleep and party.. its not really a race since they are having fun all the time.. but the one who gets arrives first at the most stopping points is the winner.. I don't really like the gamball its a flashy thing for rich peeps who wanna get laid and get drunk and speed for a couple of days. but it got some dope cars.. props to the owners for that :p
They actually started in London this year, yesterday...or was it the day before? Anywho yeah, I so would've gone if I was nearby, I heard it was kick ass tho 8)
That's a gmg apollo.

Edit: k, didn't saw that someone already said it was a gmg apollo(although bihus said it wasn't, but his pics are prototypes). So, unless I see really bad, this is an Apollo.


In an military air force base near Ingolstadt, a high speed tests session took place last week. My new speed record is now 348 km/h in the Apollo. I can tell you this is very fast but the car is extremely stable. MTM Engine had 710 hp and 81 mkg for this session. More has been measured already at the dyno.






Greetz Johan