Idiots + cars = LOL

Road closed 😱


Years ago, I was driving through a construction zone and a car passed me in the part of the road that was blocked off. It was that way because they were cutting sections of the road out for repairs. I tried to get them to stop, but it was like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, I was just shouting into the wind. At least I was able to get them help after they hit the hole.
Oh no! Anyway...
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Confirmed that even bollards hate Rovers.
That last one isn't really an idiot, that's just conditions being tricky. I've been in that situation and you may have good traction right until you hit that polished ice from people spinning tires - then you're a ballistic projectile with zero control over where you end up.
I would’ve hoped that the Discovery driver would’ve known better and would’ve used chains or given it some more beans. Seems to be kitted out well. Hard to tell how steep the hill really is.
The camera never does a hill justice. It also doesn't help that the weight of the vehicle is an asset on the flat, but the moment it starts to slide you now have a whole lot more weight you have to stop.
I don't know about Italy, but here in Germany the state attorney would welcome the footage for his prosecution of the two drivers for illegal street racing.