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Tell me again how safety inspections are a bad idea...
It's not really a LOL, but certainly an idiot.

Lamborgini crashes through I-44 guardrail, violently overturning into deep ravine at Mercy Hospital​


JOPLIN, Mo. - Just after 11 a.m. Saturday reports of a crash along I-44 eastbound near Mercy Hospital alerted Joplin Dispatch E-911.
Joplin Police, Joplin Fire and Newton County Ambulance responded. Mercy Security also assisted.

"Witnesses reported a vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed and went off the south side of the roadway," Capt William Davis of the Joplin Police Dept states in a media release.

On scene we learn the 2016 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder went under the I-44 guardrail, began violently overturning, crossed the I-44 Main St eastbound on-ramp and coming to a stop in the deep ravine near Mercy Hospital Emergency Room.
First responders accessed the crash scene from the north and south sides of the ravine. The car landed on its wheelbase. Joplin Fire used rope skills to and a Stokes basket to bring the patients to ground level for transport to Mercy Hospital.

"An adult male driver and an adult female passenger were transported from the scene to Mercy Hospital with injuries.
The driver was later pronounced deceased. The female is currently stable with moderate injuries. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Ryan Malone, age 32 from Springdale, Arkansas. Next of kin has been notified."


Members of the Joplin Police Department Major Crash Team responded to the scene to process the area for crash reconstruction.

JPD STATE: "The results from the preliminary investigation indicate the vehicle, a green 2016 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, was traveling at a high rate of speed, went off the right side of the roadway, struck a guardrail, went down through a ditch, went over the I-44 Main Street on ramp, and traveled down an embankment. The crash investigation is still ongoing. Further details may be released as they become available."
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Waitress: "Who here ordered a 'Grand Slammed into the side wall of your booth' and who ordered the 'Moons Over My Hamstring is torn from being thrown across the dining room, landing on the back of an overturned chair'?"
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ICE vehicle fires can take out nearby vehicles too. Happened to my Uncle's ElCamino.
ICE vehicle fires can take out nearby vehicles too. Happened to my Uncle's ElCamino.
There's been two fires in my local international airport's parking garage in the last two years, 13 total vehicles destroyed, not one of them was an EV. There was also a car that caught fire a couple of weeks ago right at the departure drop off at the terminal...also not an EV.

Yet after that fire, before there was any confirmed info on the vehicle, my mom texted me a news story about it, and asked me if I still felt "safe with our EV "plugged in, and so close to the house"...when it was clear that it was an ICE, I so wanted to ask her the same thing, especially given they've driven so many ICE vehicles over the years that had recalls due to fire risk, including both of their current ones. 😅
The complaining about BEV fires has all of the energy of people who think that every computer issue is them getting "Hacked", or that the check engine light is a suggestion, or that PHEV is horrendous because you can't drive the car unless you plug it in, or that think FCEV is literally the Hindenburg, or that....

It starts with a profound misunderstanding of how anything works, and winds up uploaded for karma in r/justrolledintotheshop.


They do seem to be a bitch to put out though...
I see his point but I think he's playing it a bit too subtle. He shouldn't be afraid to show some emotion to the camera :p

Honestly, the bit that worries me most about BEV fires is still the shipping. the MV Freemantle Highway fire claimed the life of one and I'm surprised the Felicity Ace last year didn't.

Reuters has quite an interesting article on how that problem is being addressed.

From the Reuters article,

The cause of the fire, while still officially undetermined, has raised questions about "what blind spots there are when transporting electric cars powered by batteries - which when they catch fire can't be extinguished with water, or even by oxygen deprivation," said Nathan Habers, spokesperson for the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR).

The reason oxygen deprivation doesn't work is because LI-NCM batteries supply their own oxygen. The NCMs are all oxides, so once they get to a certain point, it is like feeding any other fire pure oxygen.

There is a bit in this video about that very thing, but the whole video is worth a watch.