Idiots + cars = LOL

Don't know if it's legit, but it is believable...
The loan maths only work out to those data points if you pick crazy parameters, such as 11 years, 17% interest ... I'll leave it up to the reader to judge if that fits with car dealer personas 🤭
It is, you just have to have no financial acumen whatsoever and decide it's an excellent idea to fork out for a 72-84 month loan.

The minimum time to pay $50k at $1500/month is 36 months. Assuming the payments are fixed and the total is the $50k she's dumped on it plus the $74k the title claims it owes that's an $124k loan over about 82 months. So let's call it an 84 month one because I'm sure you're losing a couple hundred dollars here and there on lack of specificity.

It's especially possible if you then keep spending money on things like horrible car wheels and, apparently according to this which was dug out by the subreddit (thank you for showing me that subreddit exists, I fucking hate it), apparently have an identity that hinges on the stupidest kind of consumerism.

Anyway, always do your math homework at home and go back to the dealer only if all the numbers check out.
Limmat river near Zurich

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You can't park there, mate.