IF you HAD to sack one of the presenters....

STIGGY?! are you crazy!
I'd kick the Stig.

He'd just get replaced by another guy, probably in a yellow suit or something, and in two weeks no one would remember Stig II.

It happened once before, and everything worked out. In fact, I think White Stig is a much better driver.
as a mid 20's guy i think hammond is a huge part of why the show rocks. the way him and clarkson review cars is the best i've ever seen. why? easy, you can see the passion flying out of them. its why american automobile review shows dont work, they approach it with technical precision and sterile gloved instead of the proper way; like a kid at recess.

the ONLY top gear ilike is with clarkson, hamster, and may. they work. hammond has the young hothead perspective, may is the kind of proper "this is comfy so i like it" guy that pompous business men can relate to and clarkson... well... clarkson is like an irritable one eyed bulldog that balances his abundant flaws with a child like lovable nature that makes us want to see him driving cars that take 40 years off his life (is he like 70 now?).

ya can't ditch any of em but the one i relate least to is james may. hell, though, you can't have "the two stooges" it just doesn't ring like the original...
hammond. he really doesn't add much to the show besides appreciating american muscle cars. he doesn't have much of a personality either.

jeremy is great for his brash personality and propensity to conjure up some controversy. may is fantastic for being the voice of reason to jeremy's maniacal behavior. may also brings a bit of sophistication to the show.
I don't think that Top Gear would work as it does now without any of the three. Top Gear Dog doesn't add much for me, so she'd be the one to go.
What is the point of this post?

They are all good presenters. Think of a better post than this.
i would sack one of them

then immediately re hire them
jeremy clarkson, he is a worthless bigot.

really mate, you could of just posted nothing. your name answers for you.

also you seem to be one of the few unfortunates that makes the mistake of taking jeremy clarkson seriously. which is something you just dont do, unless you really want to hate him.
If I HAD to? I reckon I'd quit whatever job I was in that put me in that position...
Power! Seriously, i won't sack any of them. Top Gear without any of the three would just be wrong.
White Stig .... I don't like him black one was a lot better than he :/

Don't split our three musketeers ;) Theay are best and Dog also ;) Buy some cat.....
I'd keep all three, but get rid of people claim that everything is staged. Or indeed anyone stupid enough to miss the fact that Top Gear works because of all three presenters and that by removing one, the whole thing would lose it's appeal.
Could we sack "jeremy_clarkson _is_a_SOB"?:mad:
Just a thought...
Bring Lovejoy out on stage and say "This is our new presenter" and before he says a word "YOUR FIRED!!" and get security to drag him off.