IF you HAD to sack one of the presenters....

I completely disagree with the opinions that Hamster is boring. Take the Dodge Charger review, for example. That was great!
top gear dog. she's useless, even as sheep dog!

Can I just point out, she would be useless as a sheep dog, because she's not trained as one. You probably couldn't herd sheep if you weren't taught and I'm sure your brain is more complex than a dog's.

She's a cute little mascot too.

I like all the presenters. I think the chemistry of the 3 of them together is what makes the show work so well.
I've come to like TG Dog. They need a quiet presenter. At least she was actually standing up in the studio this week!
I agree that all three presenters work so well together, and if you took one of them away the whole show would fall apart. It just wouldn't be Top Gear.

However, in the unlikely scenario that the whole universe will be destroyed if I fail to give an answer, I would have to choose Hammond to go. But that's only if I HAD to choose.

Can't sack Jezza, he is the 'essence' of TG and is by far the biggest factor of what makes the current TG what it is, and he alone has defined the show for well over a decade now.

James has probably improved the most over the years, he now has a very good, clever sense of humour, plus he is the most knowledgeable car buff of the three.

Hamster, well unlike the other two he's not really a proper motoring journalist, and I agree with others his solo segments aren't great. I respect other opinions but for me if I had to weild the axe, I wouldn't hesitate in cutting Hammond loose ;)
please, can we end this discussion now, because if, in case Richard reads this, it wouldn't please him very much now, would it? you know, after the crash and everything...
I'd take TopGearDog.
i know the possibility of that happening is not so big, but we read only a few weeks ago that the producer of the show Andy Wilman checks on this forum... and anyway, it's not a very nice thing to discuss - it's like saying "if you had to sack one of your parents...."
The current three presenters truly are the three legs of a tripod, take one away, and the whole thing has trouble standing on its own.

Jezza: the dominant presence and heart and soul of the show, complete with aged prejudice, closemindedness, arrogance, but without him, the show wouldnt be what it is.

Hammond: he's kind of like a younger, less offensive version of Clarkson, but he does bring an exuberance and youthful counterpoint to clarkson's out of date sensibilities, being a voice for the younger masses.

May: the one who dislikes speed, unlike the other two. he's the quiet, sensible antithesis of the other two, clarkson especially. while clarkson and hammond have similar sensibilties when it comes to cars, May offers a completely different perspective and a little culture to boot.

its going to be a sad day indeed if any of of them have to go.
i'd sack james' hair.

do some of you guys really feel that hammond doesn't make very good car reviews? his are always the ones that actually urge me to go out for a spirited drive! (well, next to the lambo reviews!)
If I HAD to shoot a whole Battalion, which one would it be?
I thought about how the show would be for me without Hammond when he had the accident and it was a pretty bleak picture. Clarkson needs a foil which May just can't provide. Similarly, without Clarkson, the whole show goes pearshaped as it needs his dry, cynical manner to counterbalance the more optimistic humour of the other two.

Without going down the easy road of saying "Top Gear Dog", If I was forced to fire one, I guess, for me, it would be May, but really, he provides an essential counterbalance to the other two more extreme - for want of a better word - personalities. He's essential... but I guess just slightly less essential to me.

Unfair question! :p
Clarkson... although i really like his reviews, opinions, etc, he's become too bigheaded especially when it comes to the coolwall...

but seriousness aside, THE FAT STIG from the US roadtrip episode!!! :p :D
y'all are acting like a bunch of... sissies. you seriously don't think someone as bland as hammond couldn't be replaced with someone else? the guy is forgettable. both jeremy and james have distinctive personalities, but richard is just neutral. he could be replaced next season, and i guarantee the show wouldn't skip a beat.

several of you would of course whine about it, but the show wouldn't get worse. heck, it might get better!
I think it's great how few people said James. He's always been dismissed as "the other bloke" and is usually the quietest of the three - that is until he takes the piss out of Clarkson for something.

The fact is that without all three of them the show would not work, sacking any one of them would be disastrous to the show.