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I'm confused.. Someone explain please :)


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Dec 17, 2004
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As the topic says, I'm confused :)

I got S1 unlocked now and S2 demo. So here's what I'm wondering about ;)
For what I understood, when you guys race you first run demo (S2 demo?) and then S1?

Is it possible to use the S1 full version cars in S2 demo? When I click one of them it tells me to download S1, which I did and extracted to the S2 dir. Do I need to do something special to get it to work or won't it work at all?

Next, in an online race, what cars do you use? Can everyone pick their favourite car or does everyone have to race with the same car but with different settings?

I think that's actually all for now. I'm trying to find out what I should train with :)
No it's only 3 cars in S2 Demo, the GTi, GT and the GT-T.

We'll have to wait for the offical S2 to get the others.
No, you can't mix S1 and S2, these are two different games. You can't use S1 cars in S2 demo, only GTI, GT and GTT.

We usually play S2 - demo (obviosly full isn't available yet) and S1 afterwards if there's time.
We usually race with GT and GTI, since they have similar performance.

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Okay.. So everyone can pick their own car? Like you could have a race with some GTs and some others with a GTI?