I'm going back to Florida.


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Jan 15, 2005
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I have a couple of weeks off and I'll be getting the h*** away from here for the duration.

I'm single, have no kids and the shop where I work is closed for the Holidays so I don't have much say about being off this time off the year so on top of escaping winter I need to find something to do while everybody else is celebrating with their family.

Apart from visiting my folks the snowbirds for Christmas in the Davie area, I'll be staying in Kissimmee for the remainder.

I'm hoping for much sunny warmth and some fun.
I'll be going back to Disney, I want to go to Universal this time around, I want to take a day to actually make it to Tampa and have a look around and might go to Cape Canaveral if I feel like it and have the time once I'm there.
No real set timeline and many possibilities, just as I like it.

I'd love to have the little one over there but as it's in storage for the cold season and doesn't have snow tires, the Cruiser will have to do.
More room to haul stuff. Not that I need as much room as when I was skydiving and was traveling with a girlfriend but it's my daily driver these days.

I already have a couple of friends I plan to get with on the way and over there but would also be happy to meet any one of you who remembers me from when I was more active here than I am now.

This board moves fast and I don't spend as much time online as I used toi do so it's hard to keep up and I must admit I've fallen behind quite a bit.
But I still drop in every once in a while. :)

So who's in Florida this time of the year ?


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Jul 3, 2008
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No, it isn't a stereotype, the grandparents that I have left are already down there. They left last month for Florida, they own a house down there. BTW, I don't think that anyone older than me is old, I think that people over than 60 is a senior, so thanks for playing out that stereotype.


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Mar 19, 2005
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