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I'm going to Austria for a week! *UPDATE: I'M BACK!*


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Jan 18, 2005
Vantaa, Finland
MGB GT 1971
Yes. I'm going to Austria, to Zell am See for a week :D ! We (me and my parents) will have a nice and peaceful holiday; Zell am See has only 10000 inhabitants and is situated in mountain range by a lake. We are leaving tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 7am and we have to be at the airport at 5:30am :sleeping: .

This also means that I will be offline for the next week :cry: .

I'll take my camera with me, maybe I'll see some nice cars there... I've read in the guide book that only about ten kilometres away from Zell am See, in a small village called Kaprun, there is a very nice car museum with 130 cars from 1950s to 1970s. If photographing is allowed there, pictures will be posted to my Classic Cars Thread.

So, that's it. I maybe have time to check the forums in the evening, but if I don't, I'll say goodbye now, just for sure. So, bye! "See" you guys next Sunday! :wave:
You wont regret it, Zell am See & Kaprun is the place i've been going to ski every year since ages ;)

If you have a chance get to the top of the glacier at Kaprun, ~3000m high, with one of the highest "posts" in the world holding a ski lift, the post is about 100+m high, so its a nice feeling being in cabin that hangs more then 100m above the ground on a steel cable :D
But definitely get to the top if u have time/can/and its open. The view from there is simply fascinating, u can see the whole lake from there. ;)

I can only recommend a holiday there, so peaceful, ralaxing, clean air, no noise, awesome nature, very very nice!

btw, kaprun is really really close, 2-3minutes by car from zell am see :)
Yeah, I've been there as well... Some friends of mine (actually their parents) have a house there, too...

oh btw, if u wanna c nice cars go to munich ;) its not that far away either and u wont regret it :)
Hey man, enjoy your trip there and also take photos of the mountains and stuff.
Thanks for the tip, pdanev, I have to see if we have some to go to Munich... And that glacier sounds pretty nice. :D

I'll show you some pics. :)

But now I have to go and finish packing (I should've done it earlier, but somehow I just tend to leave things to the last minute... :blush: ).


So, I'm back. I took some (actually about 350) pics, and I'll show some of them to you. Car pictures will be posted to my Classic Cars Thread, as I said (I saw some classics there and photographing was allowed in that museum, so a pic parade is coming... :D ).

I'm not sure if I have time to post any pics today: I'm leaving early tomorrow to Northern Finland, I'll visit my uncle. I come back on Thursday.

And I have a surprise for you guys, too... I'll make a new thread for that. ;) But it's likely that you have to wait that to Thursday, or even longer.
Welcome back!! :)
pdanev said:
oh btw, if u wanna c nice cars go to munich ;) its not that far away either and u wont regret it :)

Yeah, ppl have to go to Auto Koenig and rub their noses on the glass...

And welcome back!