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Im gonna get into photography.......with this!


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Jun 20, 2005
Midlands, UK
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Ive decided to get into photography, and my tool of choice will be the Fuji Finepix S9500, when it comes out in september! Heres a pic:

It looks awesome, effective 9 megapixel and 10.7x optical zoom!!
I cant wait to get it, coz the first car show im gonna take it too will be the D1 drift exhibition at Silverstone!!
Ill post some pics when i get it, if anyone has any opinions on this camera, id luv to hear it
im not a photography expert, so i cant tell about the camera. but make sure you get to know it, we want to see some nice shots from d1 @ silverstone :mrgreen:

i myself plan to make the trip, but i have no pro camera, so we count on you :p
To be honest, the quailty of the photos purely depends on how good the seating position is. If im quite high up, the pics arent gonna be as good as if ure at ground level, like in ure sig!!
We'll have to wait and see.... ;)
I've got the s3500 love it to bits. Only downside is that its a bit big (which is cool in a way) and that it uses the more expensive XD cards.

The macros it makes a awsome, here's one of mine:

Haven't looked up the camera yet, but does it have Image Stabilization? if not you'll have to get used to carrying a tripod around because the 10.7x optical zoom will be much harder to use in anything but bright sunlight without a tripod.

I got myself a Canon S2 IS 2 months ago and I am so very thankful for the IS functionality. I do need it all the time with the 12x optical zoom.
Haven't looked up the camera yet, but does it have Image Stabilization?
No it hasnt. I will definitely have to get a tripod soon, its the only way to get clear shots at great zoom.
P.S. Thanks Jay, i will definitley enjoy it
I bought a small metal one that fits into the bag.

I thought it was all bs, untill I tried it myself.
Its much easier to get a proper sharp pic.

Even though I'm generalising, my camera isn't exactly in the same leauge as Shadowness's one.

Good luck, look forward to many pics in the lensflair thread from you.