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im new so thought id post


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Jul 12, 2004
well im from terre haute indiana, sucks really.... im 19, have a few hobbies such as music, technology and learning about cars... especially porsche's. play video games in my offtime, pgr2 and rsc2 for xbox are awesome, and i cant wait for forza motorsport. love watching both fifth and top gear.. spent sometime reading around the forums... all you people sound really cool and i hope to get to know you guys more...

thanks to viper and vux (i think thats the name of the dude whos ripping all this for us) for all this... im glad theres so many people who feel the same way about these shows as i do... in america, tv and autosports in general just suck ass,
sometime if i can get a new hdd or con my bro into letting me use his for xtra storage, ill try and get all my tg and fg videos online... been trying to collect clips and full episodes for well over a year now... i know i gotta have at least 20gb's worth of both top and 5th gear videos... (i have a modded xbox w/ xbox media center and i stream all my videos from my pc to watch on TV w/ my home theatre ... but w/ over 30 gigs in music vids and concerts and only 15 out of 120 total gigs free, im runing quite low on space, its hard to keep top gear ep's on the drive so im forced to burn them to dvd after a while...
never the less im not trying to bore you

thanks for all, im so glad i found this site
It's "Vuk" and welcome. :)
I have an 80 & a 120 GB, but I'm gonna basically build a new computer in a few months and get another drive or two. :D
same here
thanks, alot of replies... i downloaded the clarkson meets the neighbors series.. found the part of him smoking a fat doob to be funny... wonder if it was real