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I'm new what should I do ?!?!?!?!


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May 2, 2005
Spokane, Wa
1975 Volkswagen Superbeetle
Well, first things first, I want to thank Viper for putting my fav. television shows up on the outernet for americans like me to d/l at our leisure. next I need to know what else i need to do to help out with making the site and my torrent speed faster. i've got Azureus and i have tweaked my port settings per the suggestions of some other people on the site, but my d/l's are still slow any help?
Yeah, I have a 75' 1600 super, I have a little experience with the little buggers.
Oh the one with the big rearlights? I'm looking for one before 1972 with the smaller lights. I drove 2 Bugs today, a 1970 and a 1971. Both over my budget for now, but it's quite comfy in those (one had Golf 1 GTI bucketseats).

If you feel like it, could you give me some advice in that thread about buying a Bug?

Like, what should I look for, I know that it rusts, especially near the doors, and I should not buy a Bug with weldingwork still to do. Engine is pretty good overall. But I don't know that much about Bugs, you have the German and the Mexican version, the German should be better (heard it)..

Oops, off topic.. :(
Welcome dude. :wave:
Hmmmmmm... well, you live in the EU so I would think that things are different, as to what one looks for in a beetle, because the cars are different. my advice is to go find a really good reference book, with lots of pics.

um, whats your budget, what is avaliable in your area as far as bugs? maybe i can help, even though im in the us i still know a fair deal about beetles, what was the one with the buckets like?
thanks! :D
Stay away from the mexican version, german is the way to go, better build quality, better materials, just plain better, btw how do i post a pic?
I posted my little story in this thread. My budget now is not alot, because I just bought a laptop and a digital videocamera. But in a few months I'll be working at DHL again and my budget would be like 2000 euros, but I prefer a cheaper one. My budget now is about 700-800 euros. I've seen a few here, but most of that price are cars to work on, like welding and stuff.

The one with the bucketseats was awesome, that sound...it was a 1300, I kept revving that engine and the owner was pissed that I said I wanted to think about it.
It was in a beige (?) colour, and had a little bit of rust at the bottomside of the doors. Welding had been done and it had been tested to be roadlegal. Engine was in perfect condition. But it was 1500 euros. Something I really can't afford now wihout a loan (which I won't do for a car).

But it was a really nice experience. I don't want this to be a daily driver, I can travel for free with train so only for the weekends. But it has to be that reliable that I don't have to worry about giving up in front of trafficlights.
VWKafer said:
Stay away from the mexican version, german is the way to go, better build quality, better materials, just plain better, btw how do i post a pic?

Already explained here: :D

what will you use it for then? fun?
Yeah, for weekends and since no Beetle is in perfect condition I wanna spend some money on it to make it better, and when I'm fed up with it, maybe sell it (for loads of cash) ;)
Excellent, thanks :thumbsup:
no, sadly that is the worst angle of my car, some dumbass threw a glass bottle at the rear of my car and chipped the paint on the engine lid and left a huge dent, before that it was perfectly clean, it now has 57000 miles on it, original miles of course.
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