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I'm sick of that Viper...


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Dec 7, 2003
BMW 330Cd
This Viper... 8)

And while we're at it, this Porsche needs some company, too.

I'm not handy with Photoshop, but I know a lot of you are. Can you guys do something about this?
We need some new cars attached to the logo, so Viper can make several pictures rotate.
Now, about the cars... I think we should use cars used/programmed to be used (RS4, AMV8, Zonda...) in Fifth Gear or Top Gear. New or old. I know you guys have imagination to think about other cars. And how to put it with the logo.

Who was the original designer? Can he/you provide the original files? I bet it would help.
BTW, this is in Off-Topic to get more views.
I don't wanna ditch either, but by all means, I'd love it to rotate.

And I moved it outta Off-Topic. Left the shadow tho.
I didn't know if I should put it the Forum or Site section, so put it in Off-Topic, but the other section should be Photoshopping.

And I don't want you to ditch them, too. Just to rotate them.

Can you imagine that with something with
this, this or this?
Or this, please.
I PM'd Viper about this a while ago. He said that got3n designed the Viper, so he may have his hands full soon enough.

Why not make a list of cars we need to include? I'll start off with Bihus's suggestions, and I know Ren will want an RX-8 (I can read minds, y'know), so:

Edit: I'm going to update this list as suggestions filter in, and I might create a poll later. If I don't get flamed to pieces.

1. Audi RS4
2. Pagani Zonda
3. Mazda RX-8
4. Nissan Z32 300ZX
5. Maybe some sort of...Ferrari. What are those?
6. Toyota AE86 Trueno
7. Nissan Skyline Z-Tune
8. Classic VW Beetle
9. Le Mans Dodge Viper
10. Citroen 2CV
11. Lotus Elise/Exige
12. Aston Martin DB anything
13. Old sko0l Mini
14. Ford GT
15. Bugatti EB110
16. Z06 Corvette
17. Aston Martin V8 Vantage (my pick for the 70's one, such a beautiful beast)
18. Nissan Skyline GTR Proto

patrick10 said:
Read my sig.
6. AE 86 Trueno
7.Skyline Ztuned
8.VW Bug(old skool ones not the new gay looking ones)
9.The Lemans Viper

:D :D :D
no to 4,6 and 7 and add a carrera gt and enzo and a mc 12 and a mc merc and maybe a koenigsegg and a ariel..... basically the top of the fastest times board
13. A mini :mrgreen:

Edit: The old one
I wonder if Viper thought someone was mad at him when he saw the title of this topic :bangin:
People are sick of me!?!?! :cry:
Viper, do you have, or if not, can you ask got3n, to post the PSD file of the header?
It's gonna make things much easier.
I don't have it. Feel free to PM / e-mail him.
A few quick ones from me, not that impressed personally though since it was a rather quick job, but anyway.





Bihus find me a studio image of this, then it will look better.

One more.


edit: one for flyingfridge ;)

pdanev said:

:eek: sexy sexy!

Go for that one!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's to rotate, not to have a single one. ;)

and Pdanev, I could only find studio pictures of the blue one. I remember seeing a picture of a black one, but don't know where...