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im truly greatful!!!


Jan 26, 2005
i just want to extend my thanks to viper for posting these torrents - i dont know how you get it but im happy!!! ive been watching topgear in the philippines since vicky and tiff were still there and and i only see the part where they introduce the car and now i get the whole show- and now that im in the states - i never thought i'll ever get to see the show til i found this torrent phenomenon hehehe- thanks man' im truly greatful
You definietely should give some thanks to Vuk as well as the provider of the episodes as well as sandy in the times of need.

welcome to the place you will be spending most of your nights, cuz it's so addictive and fun!

Hey :welcome Final Gear the best FG and TG site on the next.
Have fun and enjoy :D

I'm also very grateful for the Top Gear shows supplied. I first saw it, when I downloaded an R32 Golf Clip which was from top gear by change. :thumbsup:

erm, is it me ... or what... i cant seem to find any links to dl ?

n yeah im a newbie... :oops:
Welcome To the forums!

Jostyrostelli said:
Have fun, and may the "Driving God" be with you!


I will start using that one (no one will get it, but hey who cares :p )
buja said:
erm, is it me ... or what... i cant seem to find any links to dl ?

n yeah im a newbie... :oops:


And the ep links were taken down from the main page b/c of some, what we believe to have been, a fake BBC letter written to the old host. Anywho you can find the torrents on our tracker page:


Njoy! :thumbsup: