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Apr 5, 2005
Adelaide - Australia
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ok does any one have any resourses for photochopping
by that i mean like spoilers wheels with brake calipersin them and things like that thanx
that site is ok but there are no cars which are modded all are next to stock including rims, no bodykits on any cars either
sorry if im getting a bit picky but what i really want are racing rims like enkei konig and others but with the brakes in them.
thanks in advance :mrgreen: :thumbsup:
lots of high resolution pictures to be found on a french site - under photos.

mostly individually tuned european cars, from car meetings etc, high quality good stuff, 10,000+ pictures so you have pleanty to chose from. a lot of cars are even too extreme with some really crazy bodykits and spoilers...

[edit] forgot to mention that pictures are sorted according to car brands and according to meetings/shows as well. usually. e.g. if u click vw, then in the begining u get "regular" non-tuned stuff from big motorshows like geneva etc, so u have to move a couple of pages till you reach the good stuff ;)
that site is DABOMB thanx man, its a bit...french though cant understand a thing :lol:
I'm also seeing some backgrounds being changed. I've looked into finding some good ones. But haven't found any. If someone could direct me to a good site.
ok now i need some good rims that suite a car that has the pic taken from the rear.
found a GOLDMINE today :thumbsup:

56k dont even try it!

here are about 7-800 pictures (maybe even more) from car&model (which rencently has to be paid for)

anyway, the following link will provide you with thumbnails of very high resolution tuned car pictures.

be aware that it does take quite some time till the page loads completey, even though only thumbnails load, there are quite some of them :mrgreen:

enjoy, and enter the monthly competitions, excuses like "couldnt find rims", "no nice body kit", "where do you guys get intercoolers from", "the perspective doesnt match", "i dont have high quality pics".... etc will not be accepted any more :p

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If anybody knows where could i find high res background images for cars, please let me know :roll: ... i mean racetracks, roads, parks, etc ...