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u suck :tease:

when u do the search, on the right u have Show: All sizes - Large - Medium - Small
you click on large, and then, when you find a nice picture, you look at the site where it comes from because there are very likely to be more pictures of that type ;)

always works for me :p

if you need racetrack pictures, you dont type "racetrack" in the search, but try track names, nurburgring, hungaroring, spa etc etc etc etc etc....

if u want a city background u type in big city names, ny, la, london, paris etc
damn pdanev ... try it ... im not stupid ... i know u can chose the size ... but quality is not about size ... not only at least ... racetracks doesnt work ... believe me or try it ... :thumbsdown:

edit: anyway i was thinking about a large gallery or sth from where i can chose the right image in the right angle ...
pdanev said:
found a GOLDMINE today :thumbsup:

56k dont even try it!

here are about 7-800 pictures (maybe even more) from car&model (which rencently has to be paid for)

anyway, the following link will provide you with thumbnails of very high resolution tuned car pictures.

be aware that it does take quite some time till the page loads completey, even though only thumbnails load, there are quite some of them :mrgreen:

enjoy, and enter the monthly competitions, excuses like "couldnt find rims", "no nice body kit", "where do you guys get intercoolers from", "the perspective doesnt match", "i dont have high quality pics".... etc will not be accepted any more :p

Click & Enjoy Me!!!

Dude! This really rox! Finally a site with some great bodykits/rims/other stuff!
Ok guys, I have saved all the pics thanks to Firefox....... :D mentioned by pdanev @digimods and have made a torrent of the 478 high quality pics....

Download The Pics Torrent

And one more thing, my upload is only 30 kbps so please i reques you guys to seed a bit after completion....

^ thats very generoues raheel. for the lazy pigs this is an oppurtunity :p
oh btw, forgot to mention something :p

Warning! The following links contain a gazillion of thumbnails, 56k NO!!!
Some of the pics might overlap with what has been linked so far, but there might be something new as well ;)

<Body kits> <Rims> <Doors> <Sound systems>

<Interior> <Intercoolers> <Engine bays>

<Exhausts> <Air filters>

Btw, if you wanna be nice, leave some comments on the forum, the guys are struggling to get some new members, and they did a nice job by categorizing some nice pics, so you might wanna say thanks. :)

Enjoy! 8)
Here's a great site that I've been going to for quite a while. They upload new pictures all the time plus their pictures are high res. They have normal cars and modded cars as well.

Holy bumping batman! 2 years, 2 months :O
I am looking for the font that is used for the white "DC Shoes" motif on Ken Blocks Impreza, I looked all over dafont but couldn't find anything close enough.

If anyone has a font that resembles it please let me know :)