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Important poll about FG 2005.05.09

Important poll about FG 2005.05.09

  • Screw the intro and "what's in this episode", splice on another intro and release it!

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  • No, I like the "what's in this episode", so re-record it on Friday!

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[05/09 12:57:53] Vuk: problem!
[05/09 12:57:57] Viper007Bond: :eek:
[05/09 12:58:03] Vuk: fg started 2min earlier then the PC clock!
[05/09 12:58:04] Vuk: wtf lol
[05/09 12:58:09] Vuk: so the intro was skipped
[05/09 12:58:12] Viper007Bond: uh oh
[05/09 12:58:16] Vuk: i dunno why
[05/09 12:58:18] Viper007Bond: was that all that was missed?
[05/09 12:58:22] Vuk: yea
[05/09 12:58:36] Viper007Bond: well, then you could probably splice in an intro from another episode
[05/09 12:58:37] Vuk: missed intro, it started from the 1st review
[05/09 12:58:43] Viper007Bond: you've done that before, right?
[05/09 12:58:53] Vuk: yea but it missed the intro where they say whats in this ep
[05/09 12:58:57] Viper007Bond: damn
[05/09 12:59:01] Vuk: yea
[05/09 12:59:03] Viper007Bond: hmm
[05/09 12:59:09] Vuk: friday?
[05/09 12:59:14] Vuk: or 2nd source
[05/09 12:59:25] Viper007Bond: dunno of any second source :-/
[05/09 13:01:36] Vuk: never ind then
[05/09 13:01:39] Vuk: they can wait
[05/09 13:01:45] Vuk: this is not my mestake
[05/09 13:01:50] Vuk: the FG started 2min early
[05/09 13:01:51] Viper007Bond: yeah, i know
[05/09 13:01:53] Vuk: which is wrong
[05/09 13:02:00] Vuk: it sux
[05/09 13:02:06] Vuk: never had this before...
[05/09 13:02:11] Vuk: anyway gtg
[05/09 13:02:16] Viper007Bond: so frieday?
[05/09 13:02:19] Viper007Bond: *friday?
[05/09 13:02:28] Viper007Bond: i'll ask people in the forum what they thing and get back to you
So basically, the intro and "in this episode" aired before his recording software kicked in. :(

So here's the question, do we just splice in an intro from a previous episode and not worry about the "in this episode" or do we wait until Friday?

And I've suggest that he start recording like 5 minutes early so that this doesn't happen again. <_<
what if he release this no good version, and then rerecord it friday and release the good one.
I have been considering that and I think we'll do that.

Problem solved. :)
Part of the first review is missing too. ;)
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