In my pants!

Love Shack in my pants
Afterski in my pants.
Looking to the next few songs in my playlist:

On Her Majesty's Secret Service in my pants (proppellerheads)

Bring the Boys Back Home in my pants (Pink FLoyd)

I Am Not in my pants (You're Pretty)

Ants In My Pants in my pants (Gunner Madsen)

Another Man's Vine in my pants (Tom Waits)

Smash Your Radio in my pants (Sister Machine Gun)

Spit Sperm in my pants (KMFDM)

Everything is Under Control in my pants (Meat Beat Manifesto)

Little Head in my pants (John Hiatt)
Those are some pretty hilarious ones. :D

Life Is Boring in my pants.
Looking for Love in my pants.
The Magic Cavern in my... pants... o_O
Don't Stop Believin' in my pants.

(My pants need your belief, otherwise they won't make it in this lonely world)
Make It Bun Dem in my pants.

:jc: "It is like the West Indian Dope Smoking Team is practicing in the car his pants."

:richard: "Hello."
Waiting For Her in my pants

What Are You Doing in my pants?

I can't seem to make up my mind... :(
Kill or be killed in my pants.
I like the way you move... in my pants
Some of these titles make it sound less like somethings going on twixt your nethers, but more like someone has stolen your trousers and is now doing things in them instead of to you. :p
Comfortably Numb in my pants.

We Will Rock You in my pants.