In my pants!

Indian flute... in my pants.

Not joking this is what my itunes is currently playing.

Some of these titles make it sound less like somethings going on twixt your nethers, but more like someone has stolen your trousers and is now doing things in them instead of to you. :p

You mean something like "Let's get it started... in my pants"
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Uncover in my pants.
Spectrum in my pants.
Hand in my pocket in my pants. Wait, what?

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Pump up the jam in my pants.
A Neverending Dream in my pants

iTunes is currently playing all the songs in my library that it has never played before... for a reason.
Love my pants.

Get Lucky...... in my pants.

When Love Breaks Down...... in my pants.

A little less conversation...... in my pants.

Silent all these years..... in my pants.
A Pain That I'm Used To in my pants!

( last post before this one WAS about pizza, so this checks out, I guess. Also, that music video rules and makes me miss doing "Traffic Jams" on Jalopnik.)
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