In my pants!

By The Time That They Reach You (The Bagraiders Would Have Stolen Your Wallet And Changed All Your Money To Euros And Gone Shopping In Paris) in my pants.
Let's Spend the Night Together in my pants
The Art of A Soft Landing in my pants.

EDIT: Release of Energy in my pants.

EDIT2: Yes I Am in my pants.

EDIT3: A Glimpse in my pants.
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Melt in my pants.
Jizz in my pants in my pants
The Duck Grinder in my pants.
Images of Heaven in my pants
No such thing in my pants.


(I can't get no) Satisfaction in my pants.

Maybe I should just take them off.

@MWF, you actually seem to have an awful lot in your pants. By which I only mean that every second post in this thread seems to be yours :lol:
No, it''s just that things keep putting random songs into my head which then makes me think of this thread.

Plus it's funneh!