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Initial D - HK movie!!!! Updated with Jay Chow MV


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Jan 3, 2005
San Francisco, California

I saw the trailer, i'm just shocked they were able to pull this off w/ the real driving on a real road. WOW

Update 6/17/05.

yousendit link will die in 7 days.

I can't wait til this comes out. I'm sure jason chiu is very excited too since his favorite actor ekin is in it

Bump for new video:


Jay Chow(for those who know him) is Takumi in the HK version of Initial D brought to life. He also create a song for this movie called "drifting."

I particularly dont like his "rap" songs but the video has alot of clips from the movie. OH BOY I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!
well.. its not really that amazing.. since you can see some better stunts on the Option DVDs and BMI DVDs .. there are some that show you them racing and drifting in mountain passes not tracks which is cool.. but very scary cause they always do it at night.
not unless u own one....i do nd its da bomb
I'm not sure if that is shot in Hong Kong though... I don' t recognize that scene at the end when the show the entire trail... it doesn't look too familiar... guess we'll just have to wait for the new movie to come up
I think they shot it in japan.
have yall seen the 5 min trailer with the character intors?
its gna be in chinese right?.... goddamit i hate reading subtitles...many times they are usually incorrect...
na... if you watch it in the cinemal... its usually fine, you still get entire story... except the written bits in the movie
It'll be released on June 23rd. You guys think it'll be easy to find the torrent for it? I'm going to ask around, I remember coming across Asian cinema torrent sites in the past...
go to find a site called HKBT, its the only hk torrent site i;ve heard of, they should get it 1st.
jason, what's the link? i usually just check bt1.btchina.net