Initial D


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Dec 28, 2003
Vancouver, Canada
Dunno if anyone here watches this anime. Anyway the fourth stage of this series is out. The raw rips with no subs are already available on the net.
I'm a fan of Initial D. Watched all three stages. I heard from one of my frens that the forth stage is out. Is it the entire forth stage or part of it only. As my fren told me tat there are a total of 7 vols. in the entire set of DVD and only the first vol. is released. The rest are released later. I got this info from here
I've heard rumours of an Initial D live action movie with involvement in some shape or form by Jackie Chan. I vaguely remember hearing he would produce and direct it, but I can't find anything but various internet movie rumour sites to back this up.

Jackie Chan's 'Thunderbolt' was a great east\west action movie, so atleast it has been proven that he knows something about car movies.

I haven't seen 4th stage yet, but the rest of the Initial D series is great. It would be very cool if it could get a decent transfer to live action.
xkwilson you are correct. Only the first two eps are released so far.
I have the raw rips and can't wait for the subs to come out

the raw rips are available here

Ah well, I guess I will wait for the rips with the subs to be released b4 I d/l them. If not I will not understand a single word they say. :D
First 2 episodes of Inital D with subtitles are out on Suprnova. Guys who are fans of this animation series should go d/l now. Cool vid with the Trueno racing a MX5
but it's a cartoon? how stupid is that!

could as wel watch manga :x
I downloaded all Initial D that they had from
It's all with subs. I hate that.
Anyone know where i can download the english version?
kenezzite said:
I downloaded all Initial D that they had from
It's all with subs. I hate that.
Anyone know where i can download the english version?

only english versions is half of the first just hit the US market offically like a couple months back...i think 2 of the DVD's are out with 4 eps. a piece...might wanna check out bestbuy or netflix or something.
i've d/l the first 4 episodes of VOl.4 from eMule already (with chinese subtitles...ya~)
takumi now races hondas and miata

anyway... the production of Initial D movie (with real actors) is now under way
it's going to feature the hottest (pop) stars in HK and taiwan
some press fotos of the movie version:


Jay Chow as Takumi


the jap girl nx to Jay as Takumi's gf


edison chan as takeshi





one of the hottest comedian in HK

u can guess (from his look and expression) that this dude plays the one that drives the AE85 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
why the fuck are the actors chinese, they should be japanese :`(