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International Shipping Question


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Aug 29, 2004
Anyone here have any experience in shipping some large objects internationally? I'm shipping some paintings from China to the US. But even after they are rolled their length is 150cm (59.1 inch). The China Post Office says they can't ship it because it's longer than 105cm (41.37 inch). So does anyone know if Fedex or UPS can ship this? Anyone has any experience shipping long objects from other countries to US? If so, what should I do, which shipping company should I go with? Thanks.
UPS, DHL, TNT, Fedex...etc, they will all ship any size object. DHL is the official f1 logistic partner, so they'll ship anything anywhere. As will do any big logistics company ;)

It wont be cheap though :)
I just called Fedex today, they are really expensive, to ship 10kg of stuff they will cost $1650 RMB ($200 USD). But if I go to the China Post Office they said the could ship if for about $300 RMB ($40), but they are not sure if the US customs will reject it or not. How should I declare them so I'll have the highest rate of success in getting them through. Should I declare them as "gifts" or "personal use" or what? How can Fedex be so sure they can get it through the US customs but China Post Office can't? What do Fedex declare them as? And I'm going to seperate them into a few packages and mail them to different address (I'm going to use my relatives' adresses, will that help? Thank.
I always ship packages FedEx. I hate using USPS and such for anything other then letters.
I get a discount with FedEx for being a Realtor. Not that I ship anything...or even actively try and sell property. :lol: