andyhui01 said:
I keep thinkin the guy with the 2F2F evo and that dude sitting down on his sig are different people :lol: .... you just needa say all that once dude, I'm sure all of us already got it ;)

They are different people :yes:
yup mate jostyrostelli is right...i am the 2F2F rvo dude and the one on the seat is my younger brother. Sos I wrote that I am a Pakistani enough times. those that read the forums know that but the ones who just come for the downloads don't...

anyway. i guess i am the only paki in this forum(apart from my brother)
Hey all, new here...

Im from San Francisco and I'll probably be the resident M Coupe nut. I just love my m coupe, its like nothing Ive ever driven... the pure soul of a sports car.

I love german cars,
I hate american cars,
& I respect good japanese cars.
French cars make me laugh,
and italian cars are damn cool but Id probably buy a porsche instead.
no man.

only i did, my bro is not that much involved in finalgear as i am. he's more into music and stuff.

i was once in a political forum and people threw items at me complaining about spain and its gvt....i had no idea about the gvts politics (i've been here for only 4 months) and so i posted my nationality enough times so that people know my identity.
Hi just joined,never knew there was a Top Gear forum until now :thumbsup:
The one and only 8)

[high Josty-voice]Welcome on board, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your stay.[/high Josty-voice
Just found this forum, and absolutely love TG.

Name's Rick, 24 years old and in US Air Force.

Also a M Coupe nut, into subies, but would take a Bimmer in a heartbeat.
Names Matthew, I live outside of Chicago and I own a 1979 Porsche 911, and I would have to say its the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Im an avid Porsche nut and work on my car any chance I get. Track season is starting so new rotors and brake pads.

Im preatty much an all around gear head so if its fast thats awesome. I do perfer German cars to others but I dont hate any car, they all have their place. Even the Prius, thank you Prius owners for using less gas and poluting less. Im making up for it with WOT drives and no cats!

WE WANT PICS!! You're driving my realistic dream car of near future :) I like the 78-83 SC the most of the pre-993 N/A nine-elevens.