Me name is Vanessa and I'm from Belgium.
I'm new with all this. Signed up because my boyfriend showed me Top Gear. And now I want to learn more!
Welcome to you both. Take a look around and have fun.
Me name is Vanessa and I'm from Belgium.
I'm new with all this. Signed up because my boyfriend showed me Top Gear. And now I want to learn more!

Also, she's my Girlfriend, so all of you be fucking nice.
Hi! I'm Richard and I'm new to the forum. I am an antique dealer who has always have an interest in the automotive field but do not deal in automobiles per say. Your forum appears to be a well organized and informed. I look forward to enthusiastically participating.
Hi everyone, I'm Rachel.

I am 19, live in the UK and obsessed with the Formula 1! Jenson being my fave driver obviously :)

Excited for the next season as well as the the new show on amazon with the old Top Gear Trio!
:welcome: to all our newcomers.

We aren't just all about cars and you can probably find other sections relevant to your interests so take a look around and get a feel for the place.

We're mostly harmless. :D
my name is Christian Sandelin and I come from Sweden. =) I am working on car styling. and I now own a car, I helped build. The car is built on 878 hours in 122 days during the winter. The car is a Toyota Mrs. spyder model year 2000. =)
The car is totally rebuilt and sheet metal bodywork replaced. the plastic and carbon fiber. so the car weighs just a little over 900 kg.The car is a replica from the movie 2fast2furious with the same body putty and wing. The car has a lot of tough things on the inside. inside the car is a bubble water machine between the seats. and there are 4 television screens. and when I go and compete at various car shows during the spring and summer. then there are the children to be able to sit in the car and play video games. for the car, there is a PlayStation and Game Cube. And the car has a green neon lights under the car. and lights and strobe light inside the car. =)
The car has an incredibly beautiful lacquer. It is a specially blended lime green paint with mirra flaks in the clearcoat. So when the sun shines on the paintwork as sparkles entire car like diamonds.

I can tell you much more about my green car. for those who want to know more. And I'm new here so do not really know how I can find on my side where I should put the album on my car? =)
But I try to put up some pictures here in this thread. So you can see some of my Fast and the Furious car. =)









the newspaper came and made reportage about me and the car

Hi, just bought a 1996xj6 VP n its showing some codes. The previous owner had apparently removed the check engine and transmission light . I guess you can't even trust a retired state police officer lol . Anyway part of the reason I bought the car was I had read a post by Spectre. plus other people on Jag forums that the seemed to all agree that 95-97 was a sweet spot for Jaqs
Hello everybody
My name is Rich, from Taiwan, nice to join this big group.
I have a SLK R170 old car

I still can not find out how to complete my profile or send photos
please help
Hello, Im Alwyn and I'm 13. Im a student and I'm very interested in cars. Watched Top Gear and Motortrend for a while now. Hope to become a pro one day.

- - - Updated - - -

Nice car. Did you add any performance modifications, or is it just a rice burner? Beautiful though. Was this modeled after that silver mr5 in 2fast 2furious?
Sup FG?

I'm a friend of CrzRsn IRL, he suggested I get on here as I'm uhhh... a bit of a car guy. Will get around to posting some pics in the appropriate spot, but I've got a T56 swapped grand marquis, my daily is lightly modded E36 328IS.
Hello. I registered more than a year ago in January. Due to a string of incidents, I was sadly banned. I made a couple of attempts to reregister but they were thwarted by the moderators. I found myself lacking a forum to discuss my passion for cars on, so I thought I would give it another go and hope that the moderators will sense my passion and have mercy;)

Motorsport interests are:

British Touring car championship (which I have seen live on a couple of occasions)

World Rally championship

Formula 1 (I am now a more serious viewer thanks to Lewis Hamilton)



Maybe a separate Signon for each of you may be advisable.
Welcome :welcome: to you both and everyone else who has joined recently.

Ahhh, Flynn joined and got banned again for the umpteenth time. :lol:

Like the flow of the great Mississippi river and the passing of the seasons that just keeps going on,
Flynn will join and be re-banned again & again. :)

Ahahahahahaha! I guess you were right! Look who's back:twisted: Hello nice friendly should I introduce myself around these parts?:devil: