Long time fan of Top Gear, and now an absolute fan of the Grand Tour. Found this site years ago (around 5 or 6 I think?) when hunting the music from TG episodes but never joined because I didn't have anything to contribute to years old conversations. Now there's a new show that I'm able to watch in real time so, logically this happened. :D
Been a fan of Top Gear with my son for many years and just come across this website so thought I would join and get to know a few other fans! I am from Cheshire, England.

I've been a long time lurker on the site for many years, but with the grand tour here I figured maybe I should finally get an account.

I'm 22 and from Toronto. I'm finising my last year of electrical engineering at Mac, and by night I love doing graphic design work and wrenching. Also a bit of an music/audio nerd.
Hey guys, I'm a new member. My friend told me that this is the right place for car enthusiasts, I'm looking forward to be part of the community.
Oh God... Another one... Can't I ruin this forum in the name of our glorious country alone?

Welcome! :mrgreen:
Hello. My name is Russ. I just bought a 198? Jaguar XJS. I have been doing so researching and found 2 commenters by the name of Specter and the one I am really interested in finding information is called FordCrusherGT. He seems to have the knowledge that I am asking about, but the posting was from 2007. Is there anyone that knows how I can get in touch with either of them? If so I would greatly appreciate it.

The reason for the ? in the year is that the XJS I bought was originally bought in Saudi Arabia in 1983 then driven back to England where it was shipped to the states. It had to meet emissions for that era and there were things done to it. When I try to buy some parts, the last 6 on the vin gives it a 1981 date, but the engine number is 8S23048SA. Which calls for it to be the 5.3 liter H.E. engine with 9:1 compression. The service manual that came with it also has info on tuning for an H.E. engine.

Anyway, its hard to describe the frankenjag I might have with that combination but it is a nice car, no rust and I have gotten it running without too much trouble> I just need to ask questions about the timing setup and idle adjustments. I hope they are still around.


Go here and post the question. I'm sure they'll find you (or you could try Private Message or Post on their member pages)

Long time lurker and registered user since 2009, but never properly introduced myself (ain't I i stinker?!). Well I guess that with the Grand Tour in full throttle and as a New Year resolution, I decided to bite the bullet! First discovered Final gear through the old Top Gear what's that song threads as many others...So, here I am! 33 yo noob from Portugal, I like my stuff nimble and fun, weird is a plus too (and this applies to cars as well)! :drums:

I approve of the GTi Rover and the French thing. I understand that Rover engine isn't a K-series so that's a smart buy (relatively :p).
Hi everyone,
Norman from Tucson, AZ here.
I have started a private car service here in the beautiful desert Southwest and am looking to possibly add a Jaguar to my fleet. In truth, it would only be my second car. We all start somewhere. I'll ask my question about the car I found in the regular forum.
See you there,
Kilt Transportation
So my post just got flagged for moderation. Not sure why. Hopefully someone can take care of that.
Introduce myself?

Top Gear fan since 2013 :)
Hello guys.
I think i never introduced myself in this awesome community, but here it goes (sorry for my bad english).
Hi my name is Rafael, i?m from Portugal and currently i?m 23 years old.
Cars/computers/Photography are my main hobbies/interests, but especially cars, are my passion since i was 6 years old.
I currently drive a 2011 Jaguar XJ 5.0 SC, which i bought it from a friend a year ago for an extremely low price, and it is a gorgeous car.
Currently i?m still saving up for a Nissan GT-R in the future, which is one of many life goals that i have at the moment, because i just love and respect very much that car.
I?ve been a huge Top Gear/Trio CHM fan since i was 9, and what a great era it was till the end in 2015. But now we have the grand tour so the story of these 3 middle aged man continues at it?s best.
Only in mid 2007 i discovered this community, and it was in 2013 that i decided to register in the forum(i have many oportunidades to do that since 2007, but i?ve always forgotten to do so)
Well i think that?s the end of my introduction to the comunity.
Sorry for this long post.
Cheers ;)
Hey this kie here just signed up great automobile forum gets my daily serving of car lol
Hi I'm new to the forums. The names Ryan, 24 years old, currently driving a 2017 Civic Sport MK9, which I got in January of this year.

I think my next car when I next upgrade will most likely be some kind of Audi in S-Line trim level most likely an A3 Sportback.