Name Prateek
Location India
Passion Top Gear and Grand tour
Looking for? Jeremy clarkson extreme machines all 6 episodes please help been looking for these for years now:(.
Hi! My name's Lincoln but you can call me Link! I'm a recently obsessed Top Gear fan, but i like lots of shows altogether. I can't wait to discuss episodes further soon!
Just found this site, and it looks like fun!

I've been a petrol-head since I was born, my first words were 'car' and 'go', and apparently if I didn't settle down at night I was taken for a drive in the country to put me to sleep!

I now live on the edge of Sherwood Forest in a 400 year old cottage, which fortunately was once the local taxi depot, so came with a large garage - the estate agents were non-plussed when I said I was looking for a garage with house attached - How many bedrooms, Sir? One will do!

Details of my cars, past and present, will soon appear in the appropriate section ...
I am Edwin Curley from the USA. I am a new member this froum. Basically, I just learn from hereabout car accessories. I am a blogger also. And I also share my thought here.
Thank You.
Hello everyone!

Just joined the Final gear forums, now i have somewhere to look at other peoples rides and toss back ideas for modifications and cars.

20 years old living in Houston Texas in the Fattest country around.

owned 2006 Ford fusion Sel V6 ( ex gf ruined the engine and half the cylinders when i broke up via text) 100% stock 221hp

2004 Audi A4 cabriolet 1.8T ( after installing new radiator and taking the entire front end off the car only to find the roof now leaks over the back seats, i gave up) 99% stock 170-180hp k&n airfilter

And now i own a 2013 Hyundai ( cringe) Elantra GT,the hatchback one or The I30 over in the rest of the world. currently running bronze plasti dipped rims over a black paint job. cheapo eBay intake kit installed with some performance spark plugs and carbon ceramic pads recently installed, cars running on a rolling road at 172hp right now. up from stock 148hp. Cvt transmission was the mistake of my life on this ride, drones like crazy if left to shift on its own.
Me and a few friends modify, race and meet up every weekend to hangout ever since high school ( class of 2015) asshole friends rides include 05 350z with magnaflow exhaust system and k&n cold air intake, 2007 rabbit ( golf), 97' 328i, 08 lexus is250, 98 civic si, 06 Ford ranger ( the body is held together by zip ties XD and brakes are a joke) 04, 08, 09 and 2014 Subaru impreza's. 2012 2.5l jetta, 07 HHR, 07 prius ( the fam wagon is a lowered prius utilizing the engine from a honda crz, now on its third engine. ) 03 Cadillac Deville and a 2016 dart SXT.

We have on two occasions gone on top gear style road trips where a couple of us will spend under 2 grand on a shit car and go on a road trip and see who picked the best one and got it closest to a certain theme, just last month we drove from houston to South padre island in Coupe's and had tests to see who could carry the most cargo, who could do a quarter mile on a wet beach fastest. and who could pick up a girl in their car on the beach and bring her back to the place we had rented for the week. ( i lost the last one badly Rip the Acura integra i had)

We're actually considering investing in some go pro's and extra gear and setting up a youtube channel where we'd do trips like this more often if it sounds intersting to anyone. assume its a topgear road trip with a unfiltered cast that consists of no celebrity's and no one is over the age of 25 XD.
Hiya, Marky from the Philippines here. Been on and off with Top Gear but I enjoyed the new Series (not the Chris Evans series). Looking forward to the next.
Hey there!
Hello everyone, my name is Tim and I live in the UK. I don't own a car at the moment unfortunately for me but life goes on and that will change soon I hope. I'm a bit of an Audi fanboy, having seen the original Audi Quattro on a plinth at a car show as a teenager and liking the brand ever since, but I like most German cars in reality.

Looking forward to The Grand Tour second series and posting here of course. :)
Hello there,
Frank here. I'm currently using Merc-Benz W115 now. Love to read Final Gear threads since maybe 3 years ago, but just signed up few minutes ago. Nice to know you all, folks. :cool: