I will take some new ones, I just put on my summer wheels, removed some weight from the back, and lowered the car a bit. (yes these bad boys have adjustable suspension from the factory, as well as a dry sump oil system and no radiator :twisted: )
Jostyrostelli said:
The one and only 8)

[high Josty-voice]Welcome on board, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your stay.[/high Josty-voice
Josty, please don't. It just sounds so much like my work place, where I have to hear a spiell about people locking their restraints properly every day for more than 1000 times a day. Trust me, it's not funny at all, I have it lodged in the back of my head, I know it better than my own name.
:bangin: and I can't get it out fo there, it's just frustrating.
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Damn it...another one...I mean :welcome: vladmitu :)
andyhui01 said:
btw Mischief... I just saw your sig, you bought an oldsmobile instead of the volvo S40? :shock:

[ot]Yes. Instead I'll save some money and buy something even better 2-3 years down the road. Couldn't really afford the S40 right now. I'd be living paycheck to paycheck and I didn't want that.[/ot]
he did, I just saw it :D ... the oldsmobile didn't look that bad after all... maybe 2 years down the road, you could get a S60R :thumbsup:
As andyhui01 said I have. They are in the What's Your Car thread.

Maybe andyhui01, maybe. ;) :lol:
Hey everyone, my name is Jess.

I live in Washington State, just got out of the US Air Force, now I work in IT.

Going to school for a degree in IT.

Interests (when I have time for them)

TG, FG, computer's (go figure), and driving.

I've been floating around for a few days now, and think I'll be stayin!