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:welcome: to everyone

Hi mgkdk, thanks for the welcome.

<---- look I joined up already....then I remembered I don't like pink :lol:
gday all

name is scotty nicholson, and im a mechanical engineering student from melbourne, Australia. Im 18 years old, not far off 19.

I have 3 cars, a 1996 VS Calais II which is my daily driver, a 1968 Toyota Corona which is a shits and giggles car, and me and my brother co-own a 1928 Chevrolet Roadster Ute which is currently in 1000 pieces.

as mentioned, im studying mechanical engineering at RMIT melbourne, but im articulating into Automotive/Motorsport Engineering in 2010. I work on 125 and 250cc Superkarts which my mate drives at Victorian tracks like Winton, Sandown, Calder and Philip Island.

my main hobby is motorsport, if you havent guessed, and collecting motorsport media. i have about 3/4 of a terrabyte of old F1, V8SC, CART/CCWS/IRL races which i pull out whenever im bored.

i spend most of my time on motorsport forums ( and TBK mk II) but ill drop in here occasionally to get news on Top Gear, and have a look around.

cya round.

heres a pic of me sitting at the wheel of a 250cc rotax superkart (everybody loves the shirt)

Ey Scott, welcome to the boards :welcome: Thats a friggin' awesome thing your sitting in there :cool:

Your yet another Melbournian on this forum. Good idea you check out that cruise...I'd come but I'm in Sydney.

Any pics of the Calais?
I promise that if I need to 'squeee' about anything or anyone I do my squeeee-ing in private so you won't find me pretending to faint on any of your threads even if you post a picture of Jeremy in stockings ... (that was a joke BTW - Jeremy in stockings really, really wouldn't make me squeee) :blink:

Ehh, we're used to it :p.

As long as you dont go all James May Smut on us, then we're cool.

Webber, TBK huh. I used to post there occasionally but havent in about a year. Heard the place came under attack recently so hope all's ok on that front.

Welcome to you all btw :)
Ehh, we're used to it :p.

As long as you dont go all James May Smut on us, then we're cool.

Webber, TBK huh. I used to post there occasionally but havent in about a year. Heard the place came under attack recently so hope all's ok on that front.

Welcome to you all btw :)

eeekk!! I didn't even know that one existed :shock: No need to worry tho' - my idea of porn is a newly unwrapped pot of watercolour paint ;)
Hey all,

been watching Top Gear for a while and found Final Gear through a freind. I live 50 or 60 miles north of Detroit Michigan. I am older than most of you guys(39). I play video games on the Xbox and 360 (PGR2 & Forza2). Not much else to say here I guess.
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names Chris
i hail from Windsor Ontario (couple hours southwest of toronto) Been lurkin on here for a decent amount of time..decided to intro myself. I drive a 2008 Saturn Astra XR 3dr in twilight blue
Hello Everybody

My name is Rodolfo, and I write you from Lisbon - Portugal.
I am 34 years old and I work in IT and drive an old E36 320i coupe.
I found finalgear when i was searching for someone that had subtitles for the best motoring shows.
Started to read a bit, and got amazed at how big and complete the site is.
And with people from around the world ! This will be interesting !

Well done !!


first of all, sorry for the delay in introducing, i love this forum , awesome really.
my name is felipe , im from portugal , i drive a honda accord cg8 1.8

Hey, what's going on everyone. My name is Henry,and I'm from New York City. I'm 22 years old,and cars are my addiction. I been coming to finalgear for awhile now to get my top gear,and fifth gear fix. Then, I decided to join the forums. My first car was a Evolution 8 which I totaled due to being stupid. Now I just gave up my 2004 BMW 330ci (E46),and look to get into something a bit faster. Maybe a E46 M3 or E92 335i????? Anyway just wanted to introduce myself. HELLO EVERYONE lol...:):wave::driving:
^ What he said :p
Hey Guys.

Ive lurked here for a while, and posted on occasion. But i thought since i might be joining with the melbourne meet-up i thought Id introduce myself.

Im 26, live in Geelong (just outside of Melbourne). I'm a bit of a computer/electronics geek, But cars have been a part of my life forever. My father runs an engine building/reconditioning shop in Geelong (mostly do V8 performance stuff, but gives anything a go really).

I work at GM Holden, as a Mechatronics analyst in the design dept. I work on the clay modeling machines mainly. Just before anyone asks - No i wont tell you anything that Ive seen, its too good a job to screw up.

My Cars:
Right now i have a company lease VE Calais v6, (Which is going to be replaced by a VE SS-V manual in the next couple of weeks) for my everyday driver.

My girlfriend has an AH Astra SRI Turbo (I had a TS in the past and she fell in love with it, so she saved like crazy and bought her own). Im also known to take this out for spirited driving on occasion, It never reviewed as well as others in its class, but damn its still a fun drive.

Sunday driver is a HG Holden Premier, currently with a 350chev and about 500hp. This is the motor which was in the car when we bought it, Runs 11.2 apparently (Havent raced it yet ourselves, we've been offered good money for the motor and dont want to screw it up). New motor plan is currently twin-turbo 400, however that could change depending on what comes up. Hopefully we'll have that sorted out by the end of the year.

Looking forward to posting more often and maybe getting to know a few of you guys!
a Mechatronics analyst !! how cool a job title is THAT!!! :D

ahaha, Yeah i love it! Pity the job isnt quite as exciting as the name, though. When i went from electronics tech to mechatronics analyst, half my friends started calling me Mechatron..... :lol:
Hello! I've only lurked here for a little while, so i had no idea about the introductions thread. I actually posted first in another forum, sorry if that's problem. :(

Anywho, I'm originally from Ascot in Berkshire, but I moved to the US when I was 2 so I lost my lovely accent. I'm 19 now and at college -so I was thinking about going back for a semester. =D

I'm a fan of Top Gear but not that into cars, but I thought that was silly so I've been trying to learn about engines at least. It's been slow going though, so if you have any tips or books you'd like to suggest that's be great. :D

Nice to meet you all! :)
Hey all, my name is Jeremey.

You won't meet someone who enjoys watching the Top Gear series more than I do! I am trying to get my finances in order just so that I can purchase the BBC channel and add it onto my cable network, just so that I can watch TG on TV, haha.

My poor Sony Vaio laptop's HD is completely full due to my excessive TG downloading, i'm just hoping it doesn't crash before I can get a network storage unit or a larger HD.

Anyways, enough rambling, I live in eastern Tennessee - an absolutely beautiful place to live and an area that has great mountain roads for some uhh... "spirited" driving. :)

I drive a 1991 Honda Civic hatchback, different than what you might normally see, just about all of the meaningful modifications done to the car are under the hood and suspension/brakes. :) My kinda car!

Anyways, i'm done, look forward to getting to know some of you!
Only a little late, I'm here to introduce myself.

Hello, my name isn't Soup? but that's what you can call me. Nice to be here!