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"Invisible" Rims


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Mar 15, 2005
pdanev's thread about those million dollar rims reminded me of this I came across the other day:


The only use I see for these wheels is to show off huge brake kits, but there are better rims for that. They are unique, however..
Can we get a close up of that? Thats so weird lol! I bet ya some ricer-dude will will think it looks good to paint them bright colours like green>>> :puke:

Hhmmm wonder if NFS:MW will incorperate these :p
Yes they are unique. They look kind of cool actually. I woulnd't want them on my car nor would I buy them but they are cool to see. How do they work or what are they made out of?
Weird. Plexiglass or something?
Probably made of Lexan or some other bulletproof (ie very strong) plastic/polymer. I wonder how they'd hold up to the heat developed during braking.
Very weird, and tbh :yucky:. Not my taste at all. A nice set of five-spokers will show off the brakes just as well.
To be honest, I don't mind them. I'd never have them, but they are a refreshing change to all the gaudy bling bling crappy chromies. They suit the look of the 350Z too.
This was on another forum a couple days ago, the consensus was that it was most likely a chop.

I still have hope that transparent alumina has been made affordable.
Seems like a chop.
I can believe anybody would show off those cardboard brakes.
If you were going to do it on a 350Z, you should at least have the factory option Brembos!
well now that I look at it more closely, it looks like the brakes stick way out int othe wheel space farther then they should. If this was real the clear stuff would have to be behind the brake discs which is not possible. So Iodn't think it's real
if this is real it would be so cool.... thay say that the rolls royce phantom looks like its wafting becuse the badge always stays the right way up, can u imagine how "wafty" a car would look with those?
Sorry I didn't respond earlier, just came back from class. Here is a closeup:


I'm not very good at spotting "chops" but it looks real to me :?
I hope they are real just for the cool-ness of it all.
As far as if it's a photoshop job or not.... It seems like anything can be done with photoshop software nowadays. Check out www.worth1000.com.
It could be shopped, but I think it's real...or at least I wish they are. The only question is what material they've used to make those. Wouldn't plexiglass flex alot?
That's so weird. Those rims are really doing my head in, because I can't tell if they're real or not.