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Nov 30, 2008
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(See DanRoM's post for the link, Though I've now edited this one correctly)

Join us for a weekly game of music discovery!

Over the next 12 weeks, you’ll be asked to submit a song each week according to the week’s theme.

Once the round opens, you’ll have 4 days to submit a song, and once all submissions have been made, you’ll be sent a Spotify playlist of all the songs to listen to, to vote on your favourites (and downvote your least favourites!)
Voting is open for 3 days.

At the end of the 12 weeks, the winner gets only the satisfaction have having received more upvotes than everyone else.

All submissions are anonymous until everyone has voted, however you can provide notes on your songs - stories, etc. But keep in mind that these comments will not be visible to everyone else until after voting has closed.

You will also be able to comment on songs you vote on, and everyone’s votes and comments will be revealed at the end of the round.
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We currently have 8 10 13 16 of 10 12 15 17 MANY spots filled, though I can increase that again if there is demand. Changes will take effect from the start of the following round.

Here's the category list for those who can't click through:

Songs with no vocals
Round complete


Guilty Pleasures

Songs you genuinely love, but you're a little embarassed to like
Round complete


Thanks, Mom and Dad

Songs that your parents listened to when you were a kid that you now love (comments and stories about the song you’ve chosen are highly encouraged!)
Round complete


Live Songs

Songs recorded live in front of an audience.
Round complete



Country songs Yeeeeeee (and I cannot stress this enough) Haaaaaawwwww!
Round complete


Earmuffs (NSFL)​

Songs you shouldn't play in front of children or people who are easily offended
Round Complete


Free Parking

Anything goes! Any song you love (Please leave a comment or story about it!)
Round Complete


Genre-bending Covers

Songs that are covers in a different genre than the original
Round Complete



Songs with questions for titles
Round Complete


Birth Year

Songs originally released the year you were born
Round Complete


Finalgear Inspired

Songs you found through another FG member. In a thread, on a playlist, on a road trip/meet, Telegram, etc.
Round complete



Songs that mention cars
Round complete


In other leagues some people have taken categories very literally, and downvoted those who took a more abstract approach. I’m hoping the categories I’ve chosen are broad enough that this won’t be the case here.
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How many songs per round? One only, right?

EDIT: Only One, right.
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Yes. It works best when there are a minimum of 10 songs per round, otherwise Spotify will sometimes add phantom songs to the playlist, which don’t appear in the voting list.
This may also happen if not everyone submits their song on time.

I’m confident we will meet that number, so one song per round should be enough. Had there only been a handful of people interested I could have raised it for the future rounds.
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The toughest will be to narrow it down to only one each. For example, while "London's calling, and it's calling you gay" is probably the best one liner outside of battle rap ever, I will not waste the earmuffs category on some in your face A.C. classic ("Rancid sucks, and The Clash sucked too").
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Deadline for the first round songs is tomorrow, for those who have not yet submitted, or if you wish to change your submitted song.
The playlist will be live after that, and voting can start.
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I should also mention here, that if everyone were to submit their songs early, the playlist would go live as soon as the last one is done, giving us more time to listen and vote.

For clarity:
Max upvotes per song is 3
Max downvotes per song is 2.
Total of 10 upvotes and 4 downvotes per person.

If you don't submit by the deadline, you cannot vote on that round.
If you fail to vote in time, you will not receive any points from other votes on your song in that round.

I'll also update the round listing here each week with a link to the Spotify tracklists.
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Okay... I thought we just get to cast a vote for our favourite song.
But this way the chances of a draw are drastically reduced. :)
I annoyingly forgot, but got super easily frustrated with jumping through the set up process. :(

But at the moment, im having fatigue induced episodes (where simple tasks are magically difficult) so maybe that’s got more to do with my issue.