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iPod Licensing Lapse Lets In Microsoft


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Dec 19, 2004
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Computer firm Apple may have to pay Microsoft ?6 for each iPod it sells after a huge licensing lapse. Lawyers at Bill Gates' firm filed a patent for technology behind the hugely successful digital music player two months before Apple.

The US Patent Office has ruled that Microsoft has the right to charge competitors a licence fee for each iPod sold. A furious Apple has said it will appeal the decision, but at the moment it looks as though the firm will be paying a high price for the success of its product.

The iPod was launched in November 2001 but Apple waited until July 2002 to file for a patent; Microsoft snuck in to license some of the technology the previous May. David Kaefer, Microsoft's director of intellectual property licensing, said it was open to letting other firms patent its innovations.

Full story: http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-13411878,00.html

A very expensive lapse I'd say :p
...and monkies fly outa my...

Well, I'm glad I don't have any Apple shares... ;-)

ouch for apple... but I can't blame MIcrosoft for this because this happened to be Apple's mistake and microsoft just took advantage of it