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iptables-p2p: anyone using it?


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Jun 25, 2004
My firewall is now set up to let BitTorrent in and out, it works fine, so far so good.

Then I've tried to give iptables-p2p a go, as it just sounds like the ideal solution. Compiled OK, iptables module and kernel module installed, all good. But it just doesn't work at all...

I've let my own firewall rules, which still work, and then inserted a rule above them using iptables -t filter -I eth1_to_ppp0 -m p2p --p2p bittorrent -j ACCEPT. No luck, packets still go through the old rules, this rule just doesn't see anything. Tried to replace by --p2p all, no luck either...

So, my guess is that I'm missing something, maybe a kernel netfilter module that isn't there? Problem is, I don't see which one actually... Has anyone here got iptables-p2p working at all? If yes, can you show the result of an lsmod?
Well I can confirm that this module just doesn't work at all with BitTorrent, darnit!

Time for me to dig into netfilter programming to figure out why on earth this thing fails.