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Iranian president says move Israel to Europe...

:lol: Do you have a source for this?

As an Iranian I have to say, this guy is a little tiny bit crazy.
Hmm, Ahmadinejad seems to be an idiot to me. I've always been against the idea of the creation of Israel, but moving it to Europe is quite unrealistic. This guy is a head of state, not Jon Stewart...

Although right now I'm wanting to see what comes of this US/Canada thing with Martin's comments.
we all know iranian government is a little retarded :lol:

and we don't want them either

stupid jews
He is crazy. No doubt.

But in all fairness, America has made reparations for their crimes against native americans and blacks (for the most part). Canada has done the same. Historically nations that have brutalized other groups of people have in some way tried to make up for it (which is really impossible to do). Now perhaps Germany has done something in terms of financial contributions, but I say carve out a piece of land in Germany and call it "Israel".....isn't Europe where most of the Israelis migrated from?
Yeah, I know...it's unrealistic....


Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's adviser Ra'anan Gissin said, "just to remind Mr. Ahmadinejad, we've been here long before his ancestors. Therefore, we have a birthright to be here in the land of our forefathers and to live here. Thank God we have the capability to deter and to prevent such a statement from becoming a reality,"

Birthright?!? What a load of crap. So I guess Christians have a birthright to wherever in the middle east, right?
Wouldn't say I agree with him, in the sense that we should ignore Israel and ask for them to leave. They're here whether the neighbors like it or not, might as well make the best of the situation at hand and work towards stability in the region and a Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as the capital of course.

I do agree that Israel today is full of people that have no right what so ever to be there. Most Israelis are Europeans that immigrated after the Holocaust. The only people that have the right to live there are semites.
Glad I'm not the only anti-Israeli here... I shouldn't say anti-Israeli, just against the original creation of the state. I just think Israel's existence there is unnatural... if you believe the Adam and Eve theory, then all humans came from Israel, so maybe we should all share a piece of the pie?

The fact that the Jews have been there for thousands of years is sort of unrelated in my mind. If we're talking about modern times, then only the Palestinians belong there. If we're talking about the course of history, then like I said, everyone should have a piece of the action. And let's not get into the fact that Israel overstepped its boundaries when it annexed its surrounding territories.

To clarify though, Iran has never recognized Israel as a state and has always referred to it as "The Occupied Philistine." Iranian's aren't even allowed to visit Israel... it's one of the two places you are forbidden to visit (the other isn't America, take another guess). But this new president is a douchebag... he's almost childlike it appears. Like I said moving Israel to Europe is not at all feasible, it's just an insult which is uncalled for in international politics and is just going to unnecessarily stir things up. Pretty much no Iranian I know voted for this guy... goes to show you how honest the system is there...
I don't think they'd adapt well to the Arctic climate... not too much like the desert sand they're used to. :D
bone said:
we all know iranian government is a little retarded :lol:

and we don't want them either

stupid jews

Didn't you have the biggest population of them inside Europe? ;)

This idea isnt so new, there were talks about this earlier. The idea isnt so odd either, why should someone suffer for who hasnt had anything to do with the whole problem?
But I think it's too late to change anyway.
BerserkerCatSplat said:
The NWT is technically a desert. Just a really cold one.

Oh, well. I don't think they'd go for it, anyway. :lol:

We could always give them Quebec if the french want to separate. :lol:

(joking Ren). :D
I don't object to Jews living there of course

I also don't ascribe to the "two state theory"....The amount of land available to create a Palestinian state is rather negligible. Personally, I think it should be a single state compromising all of the original British mandate of Palestine. That means I don't believe Jordan should exist either.
MPower said:
If you could get Israel to agree (which they wont) and find some "space" in Europe for a small country (which you cant) and make sure all the countries around the new Israel were statisfied with it (which will never happen) then why not?!?! :roll:

Funny. Those conditions didn't stop them from opening up shop in the mid-east
The UN made that decision mind you. Your favorite do-nothing group that is respected by the world and thought to be the way to go. ;) :bangin: